Revolution Shopping: 4 Best Places to Shop to Join Miles and His Crew

Revolution collage

The second season of Revolution premieres this week, and all I can say is, it’s about time! So, I started thinking – what if I wanted to join up with Miles and the Gang? How could I convince them I would be an asset to the team? After doing an inventory of my many skills, I decided to choose one with a lot of relevance in a post-apocalyptic world – shopping!

Of course, you do understand that when I say shop, I really mean loot right? This is a take what you need kind of universe, where you don’t stop to debate the moral ambiguity of taking without paying. So, let’s take a look at the kinds of things Miles and his associates need, and where best to acquire said goods!

Sturdy Shoes

Miles, Rachel, Charlie, Nora and Danny - Revolution

They definitely need something sturdy, comfortable, and good for hiking in all terrain, since you do not know what you will encounter on the road, and walking (or running!) is the most common mode of transportation. Seriously, Rachel and Aaron freaking walked from Atlanta to Colorado! Yes, you read that right! How many pairs of shoes did they wear out doing that?

So, I’m thinking that LL Bean would be the place to frequent for the kind of shoes Miles and the gang need. They provide sturdy yet stylish shoes that have a multitude of uses. No need to sacrifice fashion for wearability, right?


Charlie and Nora - Revolution

When I was a girl, I did my fair share of traditional archery, even going so far as to have my own bow, large target and stand. But, I have never handled a crossbow. And, prior to writing this article, I really had not thought about where you could get a good quality crossbow.

However, I need to rethink that, especially with the recent popularity – just look at Darryl on The Walking Dead, Charlie and Danny on Revolution, and heck, it’s a movie, but Katniss from The Hunger Games!

So, where exactly can you get one of these bad boys? Would you believe me if I told you Wal-Mart? How about Dick’s Sporting Goods? Yep, both places sell them! In fact, any store that offers hunting supplies would be a good bet to have a supply, so lots of options for getting one.


Aaron and Rachel - Revolution

There is a decided lack of fast food restaurants in this universe, so what’s a girl to do for food, especially since Miles and his gang are constantly traveling? I mean, who has time to cook, or more to the point, grow their own food? And, a campfire that could possibly be used to cook, while it is a lot of fun and very cozy for sleeping only serves to draw attention to your location, and since Miles and Company are always being hunted, well, campfires are usually not an option!

No, what you need is food that needs no to very little prep. Enter the MRE, or meal, ready-to-eat as they are designated by the military. While these are available from all over the internet, shopping for them there is not an option in the Revolution universe, so a military surplus store, or heck, a military base should have them. Now, a military base might be problematic, since when the government fell and the US fractured, it is a good bet military bases were the first to be occupied. So, stick to military surplus stores!

Another option is freeze dried meals – like the ones used in the space program! Sadly, these used to be offered in the gift shops at the various NASA Centers. Nowadays, though, you can only get freeze dried fruit or ice cream and space sticks (high protein). However, I can personally vouch for the freeze dried ice cream which is delicious! That might get you some extra bonus points with Miles and his friends.

Emergency Medical Kits

Charlie and Danny - Revolution

Life in a post-apocalyptic world is hazardous to your health. And, frankly, being with Miles increases the odds will be injured or killed. Therefore it is wise to stock up on medical kits. And, I am not just talking your average first aid kit here. Nope, that will not be nearly enough. You must be able to treat gunshot wounds, stabbing and slashing wounds, and all kinds of nasty, virulent infections.

A hospital is the most logical place to get what you need, but it is likely they have also been stripped or occupied early on. The next best place would be a medical supply store, and then third on the list would be any pharmacy like Walgreens or Rite Aid, or any large store with a pharmacy department, like Target or Wal-Mart.


Did I miss any vital items we would need to become part of the team? Perhaps you have some better suggestions for shopping locations? Please let me know in the comments section below. At the very least, I hope this helped while away the hours while waiting for the show to premiere!