Dexter Season 8 Review “Remember the Monsters?”

“For the longest time I just wanted to be like other people. To feel what they felt. But now that I do I just want it to stop”.

Ugh. Really? Like…really Dexter? That’s how you want to end it?

With lots of enticing programming options on tonight, like a new episode of Breaking Bad and The 65th Primetime Emmys, it isn’t a good sign that I was decidedly not excited for the tonight’s episode of Dexter. It’s even more depressing when you realize that it’s not only the finale of the season, but actually the entire series! After eight seasons, some great, some good, and some not so good, I was still very interested to find out how Dexter Morgan’s story would end. However, if I’d have known that they were going to end it like this, then maybe I wouldn’t have been so cautiously optimistic.

We’ll get to the actual finale a little later on, but it won’t take long to recap the rest of the episode, since “Remember the Monsters?” operated at the same level of urgency that the rest of this season had, which is to say, not much. I feel like I’ve spent most of this final season saying “Ok, maybe now is when it will start getting exciting!” Or “Now is when things will really pick up!” Unfortunately, the first half of the episode was really giving me that same feeling. Deb survived the initial shooting, Dexter and Hannah are still in Miami, and Saxon is still at large. So…basically everything is where it was at the end of last week’s episode, and we had very little forward movement on anything. Until about 35 minutes in, when we find out what’s going on with Deb.

Last week when Saxon shot Deb, I immediately thought that there was no way Deb would succumb to her wounds. I mean, Deb’s a tough girl. She’s been shot, stabbed, and beaten up countless times. So there’s no way that a stray bullet from a two-bit villain is going to bring down the great Deb Morgan? Now I’m not sure if I should feel happy that Dexter actually surprised me for once, or if I should feel angry that they actually went through with such a crappy ending for such a great character. While Dexter has had some ups and downs in terms of the strength of his character, Deb has always been one of the best parts of this show. It was definitely a huge disappointment that she was put out of commission in this manner, and definitely disappointing that she was put down by one of the lamest villains in Dexter history.

Seriously, the most formidable victim that this guy has had all season was Zach, and even that guy was an inexperienced punk. The only other people we saw this guy kill was a frail old woman, a US Marshal that he had the jump on, and a vet. Anytime he and Dex went toe to toe, it was almost embarrassing. Last week he falls for the old “Dexter asleep in his bed” trick that Dex played all the way back in season one, and now this week he walks right into the hospital and fails to see that Batista is standing right next to him. Later on, Dexter even lets him attack first with that pen, but instead of going for his neck, eye, or head, he just jabs him in the shoulder. Not only is he disappointing as a villain, but he’s that much more disappointing considering that he’ll go down in history as the guy who basically killed Deb. Deb has survived much, much more imposing bad guys then you, but he takes her out with a lucky shot as he runs away like a sissy.

Oh, but the disappointments don’t end there! Now, I wasn’t totally against the idea of Dexter taking out Deb. Sure, the circumstances that led to Deb being brain dead in a hospital bed were crappy, but it was a nice bit of symmetry considering that Dexter did the same thing for Harry. Also, the whole scene of Dex taking her out of the hospital and onto the Slice of Life for one more ride was absolutely beautiful, despite the complete lack of hospital security. The music, cinematography, and everything here was absolutely great. But then Dexter had to go screw everything up.

I was seriously pissed when Dexter decided to pull a Dark Knight Rises and ride out into the horizon to (supposedly) sacrifice himself. I actually would have preferred if he’d actually gone through with killing himself. I loved the symmetry, with the hurricane being named “Laura” (as in Laura Moser, Dexter’s biological mom), and the idea of Laura bringing Dexter into this world and then taking him out as well. But it was all a sham, as we see Dexter with his nasty fake beard at a logging company, while Hannah and Harrison are safely in Argentina reading about his death at a cafe.

So all of Dexter’s talk this season about loving Hannah being enough to keep him from killing was all just a red herring? Because he’s not actually going to be with her after all? Oh, and Hannah McKay is still wanted in multiple countries, but you think the best way to keep her safe (and your freaking only child) is by leaving them to fend for themselves in a foreign country? None of this rang true for me. I can’t think of any reason why Dexter joining them in Argentina wouldn’t have been the better choice, as everybody would have been much happier and much safer. I feel like the Dexter writers needed to take Dex and Deb out of commission at the same time, as they’ve really been the heart of the series. The show can’t go on with just one, I suppose. Well, I guess this means one thing is for certain: The spin-off that Showtime is thinking about doing will not be about Deb’s life after Dexter leaves for Argentina.

It’s always tough to review a series finale right after it airs, as history will tell how people feel about this final episode. I’m sure there will be defenders of tonight’s events, but I’m afraid they’ll be few and far between.

What did you think of the final episode? How do you feel about Dexter, the series, as a whole? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I know I’m not the first one to say this, but Hannah could really be doing a better job to blend in, couldn’t she? She’s a tall, statuesque, beautiful blond woman that consistently wears incredibly stylish clothes. People tend to look at women like that anyway, and especially if you look like the woman whose face has been all over the news. Couldn’t she like…at least dye her hair or something?

– Dexter has had 133 kills confirmed on this show (134 if you count Deb). Was I the only one that wanted to see someone at Miami Metro figure out that he was the Bay Harbor Butcher? I wanted to see those reactions! Maybe Batista could have found a piece of evidence after Dex is found dead that could have put it all together.

– A few of the names in tonight’s episode were definitely harkening back to the first season. The hurricane was named “Hurricane Laura” (As in Laura Moser), and Deb’s doctor was “Dr. Cooper” (as in Rudy Cooper). Very clever.