Copper Series Finale Review “The Place I Called My Home”

Copper Season 2 Episode 13 The Place I Called My Home (2)

Our time in Five Points has come to an end. Tonight’s season finale of Copper was also the series finale. I imagine that the decision not to renew the show for a third season was unexpected for the team behind this historical drama. Even if they did not anticipate this would be the end, the season finale did manage to bring a sense of comfort that things will turn out alright for Detective Corcoran and his friends.

It was a strange episode that largely took place outside of the stifling streets of New York. Corcoran, Morehouse and Freeman set out in pursuit of President Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Their journey led them back to the battlefield where they bonded several years earlier during the horror of the Civil War. For Morehouse, there was a nice juxtaposition of the physical pain in his stump from riding his horse for so long, and the emotional pain of seeing the place where he had lost his leg. Normally, his even temper can triumph over most challenges, but the agony of a burgeoning infection sent him into a tirade against Morehouse and Corcoran. It was refreshing to see him out of control, and to voice what many viewers may have been thinking throughout most of the series – these are three men with nothing in common except a shared traumatic experience.

To treat Morehouse, Freeman makes the decision to head back to the plantation where he lived before the war. Though it is the last place he ever wants to see again, Freeman does what he has to do to save Morehouse. This demonstrated that it isn’t just a shared experience that brings these men together. Each of them has a strong moral code that may bend a bit in various directions, but always guides them towards the right path. By the time they are on their way back to New York, each seems to have a greater appreciation for their friendship.

It was a nice way to end the series. All of the side characters were out of the picture, and it really was all about the bond between these three men from different walks of life who chose to be friends. It is still somewhat disappointing, though, that there are more Five Points stories that won’t be told.

We won’t ever know what happened to Eva. Corcoran discovers two bodies in her bar and Eva is nowhere to be found. We won’t know what Corcoran decides about whether to take Donovan’s vacant office at the behest of Tammany Hall. I believe that Eva is not dead and that Corcoran would not accept Tammany’s offer. This is one of the rare shows where I could actually see the story continuing quite well in comic book form.

Copper had a lot of potential and in many ways had gotten itself together in the last half of this season. The first half was interminably slow, which may have driven off some viewers. There was a solid core of good characters, though, and it’s a shame to see them go.