Haven Season 4 Review “Survivors”

Haven Season 4 Episode 2 Survivors (1)

Last night’s Haven wracked up a significant body count due to a guilt-ridden volunteer fireman who couldn’t control his trouble. While Dwight and Nathan tried to identify the man and stop him from killing more people, Duke was left to deal with family issues. His brother, Wade, looks to be settling in while he deals with his impending divorce. It would be a great opportunity for the brothers to reconnect, except that The Guard has other feelings about having a second Crocker in town.

I don’t trust Wade. The fact that he isn’t really close to Duke means that there may be more to him than Duke knows. We learned this week that Wade resents the attention that Duke received from their father. His refusal to leave town feels more like he has something up his sleeve, rather than the result of marital discord. It would be a bummer for Duke if his brother turned on him, but in the world of Haven, Nathan is really more his brother figure.

We may only be two episodes in, but it seems like it will be no time before we get some Jennifer/Duke action. I fully support this. Jennifer is a very likeable character and would fit nicely into the group. I like that she’s not ditsy or too assertive. Jordan, on the other hand, needs to go. It’s going to be a drag if every week she runs after Dwight and Nathan complaining incessantly about Nathan’s love for Audrey and failure to eradicate the troubles. She is such a whiny whinester. Get over it. And why can’t she just refer to her as “Audrey” rather than “Audrey Parker”?

There wasn’t a whole lot of progress with Lexie/Audrey since last week. She is still working behind the bar, and William is still trying to convince her that she’s not who she thinks she is. William doesn’t make much headway until a couple of mismatched thugs come in and try to kidnap him. Lexie’s Audrey instincts kick in and she reassembles William’s gun and stops the bad guys. This scene didn’t really work for me. The smaller of the two guys doesn’t seem particularly menacing and the bigger guy was a little too menacing. If they’re following William, why couldn’t they have picked him up outside the bar? I get that the purpose of the scene is to trigger a memory for Audrey via the gun, but there had to be a more convincing way to do it. It would’ve been more believable if someone tried to rob the bar and Audrey sprang into action. But the scene with the guys walking William out, Lexie shouting to the bar patrons and nobody paying any attention – it just didn’t feel convincing. Which is kind of funny considering all the other stuff that goes on in Haven that is easier to buy into (i.e. spontaneously combusting café goers).

The thing that is bugging me the most right now is Vince. Is he bad or is he good? Maybe he is intended to be ambiguous. That works for a while, then it just starts to get irritating. He used to be the person, along with Dave, that folks could go to for help with answers. Now, Vince seems dangerous and unstable. The way he treated Duke was a little too cold and threatening for my taste. The formerly quirky “Bartles and Jaymes” are straying too far into the villain fold.

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