‘Copper’ Cancelled by BBC America

Copper Season 2 Episode 12 Beautiful Dreamer (5)

Detective Corcoran is off the case.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that BBC America has cancelled their first original series Copper after two seasons. The post-Civil War cop drama from Tom Fontana (Oz, St. Elsewhere) will wrap-up its 23 episode run this Sunday, September 22nd at 10PM.

Copper has been a fascinating and exciting experience for everyone involved,” said BBC America general manager Perry Simon in a statement to THR. “The opportunity to work with Tom Fontana, Barry Levinson, Will Rokos, Thomas Kelly and the extraordinary cast and crew on this journey is one that we are extremely proud of. Their vision to retell the immigrant experience through the melting pot of New York City was an original and fresh idea that melded well with the essence of BBC America’s programming. After 23 episodes, with Lincoln dead and the nation starting to heal, it seems a fitting moment to conclude this American story.”

While Copper started strong, the series never generated the buzz that BBC America’s second original series, Orphan Black has, making the historical cop drama the most likely candidate to get axed in order to clear the way for the network’s next crop of shows.

Are you sad to see Copper go?

Once again, the series finale will air this Sunday,September 22nd at 10PM on BBC America.

  • maggiesdaughter

    Oh, no! This is one show my husband and I both enjoy very much! I am *very sad* to hear this news!

  • lynn

    Very sad, my husband and I loved the show and wait each week to see. Loved the historical references and the characters were so real, not some cookie cutter imitation. So different from other shows, very disappointed it won’t be returning. I hope the last episode will be a fitting finale.

  • marleenandlouie

    BOO too BBCA!! I am so disappointed. This show is great. Great acting, writing, etc. I knew something was happening when they started moving the showing times to after 10pm but I didn’t expect cancellation. Anyone know how I can write to the powers that be at BBCA? Thanks

  • Carol

    My husband and I love this show! I hope another channel picks it up!

  • ERC

    LOVED LOVED THIS SHOW, One of the very few shows I enjoyed, Super entertainment!!! Please reconsider & bring back