The British are Coming to Hulu Plus [+ Video]

Put on your fascinators and boil a pot of tea, Anglophiles, Hulu is about to make your day (but not in a scary Clint Eastwood kind of way).

The streaming giant announced today that they have partnered with BBC Worldwide North America to bring the internet one of the largest collections of British imports to be found in the United States. The collection will start rolling out on Hulu Plus beginning today with a large selection of sci-fi and fantasy series including more than 170 episodes of Doctor Who plus its spin-offs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Chronicles, as well as other British sci-fi/fantasy favorites like The Fades, Life on Mars, Robin Hood and many more.

The roll-out will continue on September 24th with the Masterpiece Collection featuring Sherlock, Luther, the original House of Cards, Upstairs, Downstairs, Mi-5 (Spooks), Hustle, Hotel Babylon, New Tricks, State of Play, Wallander, Whitechapel, Bleak House, Cranford, He Knew He Was Right, and other dramas and PBS fare. October 1st will then mark the beginning of the Britcoms which include both classics (Fawlty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous) and modern classics that have yet to appear elsewhere in the U.S. market (Psychoville). Finally on October 8th, a wide range of nature and factual history shows will appear including Top Gear, The Blue Planet, Life in the Canopy, Life in the Freezer, Life in the Undergrowth, Life in Cold Blood, The Life of Mammals and The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth.

“Hulu has enjoyed a strong collaboration with BBC Worldwide North America, from international co-productions to breakthrough exclusive shows that have been embraced in the U.S. by extremely passionate audiences,” said Andy Forssell, acting CEO and Senior Vice President of Content for Hulu in a statement. “By adding this expansive collection of premium BBC Worldwide programming, Hulu Plus solidifies its role as a top streaming platform for the best British programming available in the U.S.”

The really good news? That’s just for starters, more British goodness will continue to pop up on Hulu and Hulu Plus throughout the year, including their upcoming BBC co-production The Wrong Mans.

Are you excited that Hulu and Hulu Plus will be receiving a new influx of British content? Sound off below.