Suits Season 3 Summer Finale 2013 Review “Stay” – So Many Feels

Suits Season 3 Episode 10 Stay (3)

In the Suits Season 3 summer finale, called “Stay,” nearly everyone has to learn how to deal with some intense feelings as so many people are threatening to leave, while others want them to do nothing but stay.

Oh boy, the feels in this episode. Usually when I say “feels” I am just talking about myself, but this time I’m also talking about all of the characters, most especially my favorite guys – Harvey, Mike and Louis

Mike and Rachel were already going through some rough stuff thanks to her getting into two law schools and one of them being on the other side of the country. But then Jessica had to jump in and give them another complication to make things even more difficult. It was hard to see Mike walking around the firm in pain with no one to turn to. He tried going to Harvey, but of course that didn’t work as Harvey admitting that he has feelings was just not going to happen.

Oh Harvey, how is it that with saying so little you can convey so much? Every time Harvey tried to be cold and heartless to Mike, it was incredibly obvious that he was doing it for his own good more than Mike’s. Admit that he has gotten hurt by love? That is not the Harvey Specter way. Why? Because to admit it would be to allow the feelings in and be hurt by them more. It’s such an integral part of who he is, that I was kind of surprised that Mike couldn’t see that, but I loved that Donna was fully and completely aware of it.

Can we also talk about how many times Harvey said he was sorry in this episode? First to Scottie, then to Ava and finally to Mike. Two simple words, but I felt like every time he said them, those walls of his were… well maybe not coming down, but perhaps there was a wee bit of a crack there. In the end though, the real cracks came when Harvey finally gave Mike what little comfort he could, and told Scottie how he felt in the only way he knew how. That gentle hand on Mike’s shoulder, and telling Scottie that he wanted her in his life – for Harvey those gestures were like a tearful bear hug and getting down on one knee to serenade the woman he loves.

Even Louis didn’t avoid having a trauma involving affairs of the heart in this episode. His dance with Sheila was great to see, as was the fact that it was Mike who gave him the advice he needed to realize that there was a dance in the first place.

In the end, Mike and Rachel were mended though driven farther apart, Harvey had opened his heart to Scottie, and Louis had discovered a piece of Mike’s big secret. I wonder how they will explain Mike’s absence from those files or if Louis is about to be let in on the whole thing. So many questions to wait for the rest of the season.

My favorite bits..

Harvey actually apologizing to Scottie, well, sort of.

I’m with Mike. Rachel trying to make that decision “in a vacuum” seems like a silly idea when you’re in a serious relationship with someone.

“I thought Hessington was in the oil business, but the snake oil business.”

Harvey accusing Tanner of having a subscription to Harvey Specter Monthly. Okay, and where do I get one of those??

Harvey throwing Tanner a quarter so he could call his mom and tell her to get the tissues ready. Ha!

Mike telling Harvey that he never graduated high school and Harvey countering that that was the only thing Mike did graduate from.

“Why you got to go there, man?”

OMG that picture of Louis.

“There are already 50 of them taped to the ceiling.”
“You won’t be looking at the ceiling.”

Mike putting Rachel on the line when he asked her if she knew anyone who ever made a long-distance relationship work.

Jessica getting Donna to reveal that Mike and Rachel were dating. Oops.

Mike going to Harvey’s to ask how he got away with not letting anything affect him.

“My mind-set is that I don’t talk about it.” – That is so Harvey.

“Do you war room with other firms?”

I’m not going to blame him for doing what’s in his nature, any more than I blame you for being an ass****.”

“Go to Stanford. We’ll beat the odds.”

“It’s about Sheila Sazs.”
“What about it… I mean her?”

“Mike, don’t be coy with me. Everyone knows about our torrid affair.”
“Yeah, torrid.” – Ha! The way he said “torrid” was beyond hilarious.

Louis finally realizing what Sheila was trying to tell him. thanks to Mike.

“Any woman who has repeatedly been Litt Up would demand exclusive dominion of my body.”

Tanner asking Scottie why she thought she could domesticate Harvey.

“Mike, he’s not as hard as you think.”

Donna pointing out that Harvey may not know how he felt, but she did.

Mike and Donna getting Stephen to incriminate himself. Nice.

“Do you want some Cheerios?”
“What would Captain Crunch say?” – Can I just say how much I love the fact that Jessica has eaten Captain Crunch?

“Give me a Katy Perry song, I’ll sing it.” – I would pay good money to see that. DVD extras, perhaps?

“You think I can’t take it.”
“You’re not listening to me. I can’t take it!” – So amazing to see him show even that little bit of emotion.

Jessica informing Ava that if she wanted to throw stones, they had some rocks of their own.

Harvey apologizing for not believing Ava and asking her to put her anger where it belongs.

Harvey telling Tanner it was time to call his mom. Haha!

Mike’s questions to Harvey about what they were doing there and how they fought harder for clients they didn’t know than they did for real happiness.

“Mike, I’m sorry.” – OMG, The hand on the shoulder. I can’t even…

Rachel asking that Jessica drop the Harvard rule.

“You are your father’s daughter.”
“Yes I am. But I don’t want to work for him, I want to work for you.”

The sight of Harvey in – dare I say it? – nearly domestic bliss. Cooking. Cleaning up dishes? Be still my heart.

Scottie demanding that Harvey say “it.”

“I want you in my life.” – Wow.

Rachel announcing that she was going to Stanford. and then ripping up her list.

Louis telling Sheila he wanted to be exclusive with her. Aw.

Uh oh.. Louis is sooooo gonna go looking for Mike’s file. I just know it.

Oh, I was wrong, first it was Harvey and OMG that hair!!!

Uh oh..yep, I totally called that.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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