Sons of Anarchy Season 6 “One One Six” Review

In pre-season interviews, Kim Coates (Tig) described this as the saddest season of Sons of Anarchy. Boy, he didn’t lie. The club is continuing to feel the repercussions of the past and taking viewers along for the ride. Although I love the show no less, I have to admit that at the end of the episodes I am emotionally spent. I’m up for going through the emotional wringer with SAMCRO, but I hope that we’ll get a little levity soon.

On the bright side, we didn’t have to see any torturing of Otto and we got two great additions to the cast last night – CCH Pounder and C. Thomas Howell. Pounder now joins the long list of actors from The Shield to guest star on Sons of Anarchy.

I found myself as frustrated with Tara this week as I was with Jax last week after he sought some “comfort” from the brothel madame. Seriously, the woman appears to have the memory of a goldfish. Saying that you’re leaving Charming is the Sons of Anarchy equivalent of a cop who is one day from retirement – you’re not going to make it!

I’ve lost track of how many times Tara has tried to escape the grasps of Charming, California. Unlike her previous failed efforts to escape, Tara is now an accused accessory to murder. Even if she beats the charges, it’s not the kind of information that makes it easy to get a job.

The difference in Jax’s season 4 homecoming and Tara’s homecoming this season spoke volumes about the state of this couple. Tara finally realized in jail what we as viewers saw over several episodes last season – Jax has no intention of leaving SAMCRO. Indeed, Opie’s ghost continues to haunt Jax and has deepened his commitment to getting the club on the right path. I think Jax’s reasons for not wanting to abandon the club are more complicated than that – it’s what he’s known all his life. The problem with Jax’s idealistic future for SAMCRO is that he can’t save the club from the consequences of its past dealings – which we saw last night with the fallout from the school shooting and the conversation with Galen.

Both Jax and Tara have clearly strayed from their commitment to share everything with each other and keep a united front. This also began last season as we saw them working at cross purposes. The look on Tara’s face as she and Jax had sex at the end of the episode said it all. Jax’s complete lack of attention to his wife’s tears during sex said even more.

Jax may have had sex with another woman, but it’s clear he still wants to keep his family together. Tara, on the other hand, has decided to divorce Jax and seek custody of their kids. To make matters worse, Tara seems to be preparing to use her information regarding the club’s activities to demonstrate why Jax is not fit to care for the kids. She’s also still seeking to have Wendy declared guardian in the event something happens to Tara. Get ready Wendy, because Gemma is going to kill her – when, not if – she discovers this plan.

I am curious to find out if Wendy and Tara are working together. I thought Wendy’s declaration that she was giving up any plans to have a formal relationship with her son in last week’s premiere was a little fishy. I also thought that she was way too calm about the news of Tara’s imprisonment. I don’t think I’m the only one that raised an eyebrow to that behavior – Gemma didn’t quite look like she was buying it. Likewise, she didn’t look comfortable with Tara’s behavior after returning home. This will not end well.

I think it’s safe to say that Nero really loves Gemma. Although he realized that his cousin Arcadio (portrayed by Dave Navarro) was always in hot water, i.e., the Tig of the group, I think Nero pulled the trigger because Arcadio shot at Gemma.

Seriously, what is the deal with Lee Toric? I raised this question last week and it begs being asked again. If you’re willing to forge Clay’s signature to help destroy SAMCRO, why are you even trying to work within the law? As one of my fellow Sons of Anarchy fans observed on Get Glue, the guy is a bit of a junkie, so perhaps its too much to expect him to act logically. This week’s episode has me further convinced that Toric’s health issues extend beyond his drug habit.

Other observations . . .

– Ummm . . . Gemma has clearly gone through the “change,” so why is she even having a conversation with Nero about having her tubes tied or her “tired” tubes?

– As previously stated, I’m not really interested in the Bobby road show. Get back to Charming, Elvis.

– I really thought that after last week’s “reconciling” with Chibs, we were moving away from teary-eyed Juice. He’s truly a broken character and I don’t think being back in Jax’s good graces is going to be enough to help him overcome the tremendous guilt he feels about betraying Clay.

– How long before Chibs reaches his breaking point with Jax? It’s imminent and though it will come from a place of love, it is sure to be epic.

– In addition to a little levity, I’d like to see the club in church. Two episodes in and we haven’t seen the guys at the table.

– I miss Clay’s presence in the club. There, I said it. I don’t miss sneaky, shady Clay, but I do miss his dry wit and quick thinking in tough situations.

– Speaking of Clay, do you think Gemma noticed how Clay-like Jax was as he lied to Nero about Darvany’s death?

– Can you imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for Juice to kill someone because they could potentially “snitch?”

– Galen’s matter of fact take on how soon the public moves on from mass shootings was jarring and had a disturbing ring of truth to it.

– I guess the absence of Robocop this week means the club is still in the dark about Tig’s extracurricular activities last week.

– As a doctor, why isn’t Tara taking birth control pills? Geesh, that woman is one fertile Myrtle. I’m betting she’s pregnant and will have a secret abortion that will not remain a secret.

– How long before Nero grows tired of his partnership with SAMCRO?

– Tig’s hair is totally out of control this season. Could it be follicle foreshadowing? I kinda like it.

– The guys are still saying “I got this.” Too soon. Too soon.

– What is the current body count at that cabin? At what point do you declare it haunted and burn it to the ground?

Until next week, SAMRCO fans! What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!