‘Revolution’ Season 2 Promo Teases a Time Jump

Hold on to your Stetsons, Revolution fans, in season two we’re finally going to hang out in the much talked about, but thus far never seen Texas. If that doesn’t sound promising for the East Coast…well, it’s probably not. Although, the cast promises we will pick up exactly where we left off with Rachel, Aaron, Miles and Charlie attempting to stop the nukes from reaching their destination points, Elizabeth Mitchell says, “Everything bad that could have happened, happened.”

Meanwhile, Neville’s power is short-lived, Charlie’s on a mission to kill Monroe and there is a “fantastical edge” being added to the mix. What that means exactly remains to be seen, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it will bring us more cool sword fights and fewer shoot-outs. Watch the cast talk about season two in the video below.

Revolution season two premieres Wednesday, September 25th at 8PM on NBC.