‘Bones’ Bosses Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson Talk New Big Bads, Brennan-Booth Nuptials & More

In front of lots of adoring fans at Comic-Con in July, Bones creator Hart Hanson was clearly in a giving mood. With so many shows trying so desperately to protect the minute details of their upcoming seasons, Hanson was perfectly fine to let fans in on some season 9 scoop. For starters, despite the sour note season 8 ended on, the Brennan-Booth wedding will happen, it will be a happy, guest star-laden occasion, and it will happen sooner rather than later. In addition, Hanson also revealed (more in slip of the tongue fashion) that serial killer Christopher Pelant would be killed. How or why is still in the air, but the omnipresent killer will get his.

So what’s left to discuss? As it turns out, plenty! TV Equals was fortunate enough to sit in on a conference call with executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan to discuss season 9 of the series. Here’s some of what they had to say.

How involved is Pelant in the early going?

Pelant will figure heavily in the first few episodes. Hanson and Nathan promised some very intense episodes, and some confrontations done in ways “we haven’t seen before”. As they pointed out, Booth and Brennan can’t get married until Pelant is dealt with. They did promise they would move things along rather quickly.

Teasers about the wedding

The wedding will be something satisfying, but in a way we’ve never seen one before. The case of the week during the wedding episode will lead a group to the wedding, but they won’t be involved in the murder. The wedding will have a ton of guest stars, and plenty of people from the Bones universe will pop in.

Undercover episode

Booth and Brennan will be going back undercover this season as fast-talking couple Tony and Roxy. They will be tasked with solving a murder at a marriage counseling retreat. The setting will allow the couple to work out some of their issues while portraying their alter egos. Says Hanson: “David and Emily love playing Tony and Roxy so much it’s kind of scary”. Other more out-of-the-box episodes will be in the back half of the season in order to accomplish the plot resolution required of the early season episodes.

Another Big Bad

The death of Pelant will help uncover the next Big Bad. There will be someone who looms over the crew in a way we’ve never seen before. They will come to the attention of the gang because of Pelant, and the next Big Bad promises to be the baddest yet.

Booth and the CIA?

Freddie Prinze, Jr. will guest star in the premiere and offer Booth a job at the CIA. With Booth now a family man, the guys said that this decision will weigh heavily on Booth. He’s always liked the hands-on justice the FBI provides, but he will begin to question how much he should continue to “run down alleys chasing armed criminals”.

Season 9’s gross-out factor

The guys believe they’re hitting on all cylinders with their gross body discoveries. They claim their metric of measurement is how much negotiating they have to do with Standards and Practices. One episode features one of the grossest things they’ve ever done on Bones, but “will have nothing to do with the dead body”. When asked about their conversations with S & P, the guys mentioned there have only been two or three occasions where they have had to pull back. Once, they did it on their own, and S & P slowed them down the other time.

Balancing case of the week with narrative

The guys still believe they are an episodic series at heart, but the length of their show allows them to do more serialization. Nathan mentioned that they “get input from everyone involved” and they strive to give viewers something they’ve never seen before. They will continue with some of the serialization aspects of the show, but their bread is always going to be buttered on the episodic side.

It sounds like we’ve got ourselves another ride planned for season 9.

Bones premieres tonight at 8 PM on Fox.