Haven Season 4 Review “Fall Out”

Haven Season 4 Episode 1 Fallout (8)

It’s been a long year without the troubled residents of Haven. Finally, Nathan, Duke and Audrey have returned. Last season ended with an incredible cliffhanger – Audrey was in the barn and Duke leaped in after her before it vanished. Nathan was left behind, heartbroken and alone. Season 4 picks up six months later and there have been some big changes.

Duke returns to the normal world in a spectacular fashion; he appears in an aquarium, much to the surprise of the visiting crowd. He is immediately apprehended and sent for a psychiatric evaluation. This was a clever way to bring Duke back. Duke has a strong connection with the water – he lives on his boat, and he earns his living through his dockside bar and questionable smuggling ventures. It makes sense that after Duke is expelled from the barn, he appears in the place that is the most natural for him.

In the psychiatric hospital, we meet our first new character of the season, Jennifer. She saw Duke on the news ranting about Audrey and the barn. She tells Duke that she heard voices a while back that discussed the barn and the troubles. Duke immediately recognizes Jennifer as troubled and gains some hope that Audrey is still alive. Bringing Jennifer in at this stage is smart. I suspect that Jennifer will become Duke’s new love interest. There is no ambiguity now that Nathan and Audrey are soul mates. Even though Audrey loves and cares for Duke, Nathan is her true love. It would be sad and pathetic to have Duke pining over her all season. It would be even worse if Duke had to hang around like the third wheel after Audrey returned. How will Jennifer be able to resist, really? As Duke explained, “Yes, I am a criminal. But, one with a heart of gold.”

It is always hard to incorporate a new character when there is an established group dynamic, and it takes great skill. The Big Bang Theory has done it successfully in recent years, and so has Haven. Jennifer is at the perfect balance of participating in the action without being involved in every major scene. We’re only one episode in, so we’ll have to wait and see how her character plays out. But, so far so good.

Duke tracks down Nathan, who is in a self-destructive spiral and allowing bikers to beat him up in exchange for cash. It was one of the sweetest scenes of the entire series when Duke and Nathan reunited. The two men embraced as if they were the best of friends. Considering the enmity we’ve seen over the years between them, it was satisfying to see that they have moved on. Now, there is a real and strong friendship. I prefer seeing them work together as opposed to bickering.

Nathan’s return to Haven is rocky. The Guard wants him dead almost as much as Jordan does. She is seriously pissed off. She only reluctantly agrees not to kill him. I’m curious to see what they’re going to do with Jordan’s character. Now that she is not tied with one of the main characters, will she play a bigger role as a leader in The Guard? Nathan also has lost his job as sheriff, and Dwight now carries the badge. This signals that Dwight is going to have a larger role this season, which is fine with me. The gang needs a little muscle for when the going gets tough.

Nathan tells Jordan and the others that Jennifer heard Audrey’s conversation inside the barn, and that the way to stop the troubles for good is for Audrey to kill the person she loves most. Nathan believes it is him, so his plan is to track down Audrey and convincer her to kill him. Since we know that Haven without troubles would be as boring as Haven without Lucas Bryant, I’m not holding my breath that either of those scenarios will happen.

While Nathan, Dwight, and Duke try to stop a trouble woman who is wreaking havoc on Haven’s climate, we learn what happened to Audrey. After leaving the barn, Audrey is working as a bartender and believes her name is Lexie. She has longer, brown hair, and a nose ring. A handsome stranger sits down at the bar and starts to flirt with her. This introduces us to our second new cast member of the season – Colin Ferguson as William. As a fan of Eureka, I am glad to see Ferguson return to Syfy.

William seems to know a lot about Lexie. He knows that is not her real name and wants to help her find her true identity. Of course, at this stage it’s impossible to say what William’s motivations are. Is he doing this to help Audrey? She’ll probably resist his efforts to help her for a short while, but there’s no way she’ll be able to resist William’s charming smile for long. I hope that they don’t take too long getting Audrey back up to Haven and getting her memory back. Amnesia stories that drag on too long can become tedious.

Back in Haven, things settle down a bit for Nathan and Duke. Nathan rejoins the police force, though he is no longer Captain. Duke returns to find the Grey Gull flourishing under the ownership of his brother. Duke definitely did not look pleased with the colorful pendant lighting and fancy margaritas. Where did all the grizzled sea-farers go? There is clearly a conflict brewing between Duke and his brother. Duke will not give up control of the bar easily.

This was a solid episode and a great way to begin the new season. The episodes that build the mythology are always more interesting for me than the trouble-of-the-week focused stories. Now, they just need to get Audrey back up to Maine.

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