‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 6 Teasers: The Parks & Rec Gang Head to London

Parks and Recreation season 5 episode 22 Are You Better Off? (3)

Pinkies up, everyone! Parks and Recreation‘s one-hour season six premiere will see the gang heading to London, and each of the three new teasers will reassure you that hilarity will ensue. The highlights include Andy attempting a British accent, Ron’s deadpan reaction to Big Ben and Leslie being…run out of America? That’s downright unpatriotic, but if it leads to Ron, April, Andy, Ben and Lesie running amuck in London then the residents of Pawnee’s actions are almost forgivable.

Watch all three teasers below. Which character’s reaction to life on the other side of the pond are looking forward to seeing the most?

Parks and Recreation season six premieres Thursday, September 26th at8/7c on NBC.