Graceland Seaon 1 Finale “Pawn” Review

Graceland Episode 12 Pawn (5)

The first season of Graceland concluded last night and it did not disappoint. The only bad thing about the finale is that it left me, as a fan, wanting more! Now! Good news for Graceland fans, the show has been renewed for a second season so at least we don’t have to wait in agony while the network makes a decision about the shows fate.

In the penultimate episode, the Graceland house was divided and several of its residents were embarking upon potentially life threatening situations. Graceland did a great job at wrapping up major storylines from the premiere season, but still giving viewers just enough to want more.

Admittedly, as the finale began I was really curious to see if and how Charlie would get out of her precarious situation with Jangles, if Briggs would find a patsy for the murder of a federal agent and just how much would be revealed to the Graceland residents about Briggs’ extracurricular activities.

Most importantly, we finally learned more about why Briggs was filled with blind rage to get back at Jangles. I think the vet got a pretty satisfactory ending to his ongoing need for revenge, but there was definitely a lot of collateral damage. Thanks to Jakes, Briggs finally had an out. However, the temptation to use Charlie to locate Jangles proved to be too much. Briggs was *this close* to settling things for good with Jangles when Charlie showed up.

After things exploded at the Graceland house, due in large part to Mike’s decision to issue a warrant for Briggs, Charlie was convinced that Briggs was Odin and turned her gun on him. Was anyone else at home screaming at their tv and very concerned about whether or not Charlie and Briggs would survive? Between Graceland, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, I’m an anxious mess!

Just as things looked to be taking a deadly turn, Mike arrived – thanks to Jakes leaving behind a number that could be used to track Briggs’ whereabouts. Thankfully, Mike was a better shot than Jangles and Briggs and Charlie managed to escape torture and death. Understandably, Mike had a few questions for Briggs once the dust settled. Briggs revealed that he was not able to withstand the pain of drug withdrawal after Jangles plied him with drugs. Jangles used that weakness to get the location of the other agents with whom Briggs was working. Turns out Juan was right about Briggs being connected to the death of the other agents. It also turns out that Briggs unrelenting pursuit of Jangles was less about what happened to him and more about what Jangles killing the other agents – including the woman Briggs loved – Lisa.

There are still tons of loose ends – including the death of Juan. For now, Briggs appears to be off the hook for Juan’s murder, thanks to his quick thinking and Jangles’ “trophy” ring. Briggs might have sidestepped that mess, but Bello knows him as Odin and I’m thinking that could be useful leverage for an imprisoned person. If that’s not enough to keep your head spinning during the hiatus, a pair of teens found the tape from Juan’s car. Clearly, this is nowhere near being over.

What did you think of the Graceland season finale? Can Mike really resist the lure of the beach and the thrill of taking down criminals while undercover or will he learn to be content doing desk work in DC? Will the Graceland residents be able to restore the trust that is essential to their job after everything that’s happened? Sound off below!