Supernatural Chat: Is Castiel Still a Virgin?

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 22 Clip Show (14)

Hey there, Supernatural fans! We’re down to the last few weeks before our beloved show returns and I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’re going to see once Season 9 kicks into gear.

Misha Collins has hinted in a lot of interviews (including my interview with him at Comic-Con) that Cas is going to have a lot of challenges dealing with being human this season. In fact, in my interview with him, Misha said that Cas will be experiencing “reproductive impulses for the first time.”

Back in Season 7, I did feel as though we got something taken from us when Cas (as Emanuel) showed up with a wife. But with all this new talk from Misha about Cas dealing with “reproductive impulses,” it would seem that our favorite angel was being portrayed as a virgin. It made me wonder: Is Castiel still a virgin?

Castiel’s Virginity: The Evidence

Could it be possible that Emanuel never slept with his wife? Not likely, given how relaxed he seemed without her and how convinced he was of the fact that he was a mere human. He may not have had his memories, but by getting married alone, it proved that he understood the basic ideas of finding someone to love and share his life with and we can assume that meant physical love as well.

Once Castiel regained his memories, did he lose all memory of his time as Emanuel and revert back to being only Cas? Again, not likely, given that Cas has given every indication of remembering that time. When his memories flooded back, he didn’t look around him and wonder why he was where he was. He knew exactly who he was and remembered everything that had happened to him. From the evidence then, it appears that we can assume that Cas (as Emanuel) did have sex with his wife and that he probably remembers it.

How is Castiel Still a Virgin?

Here’s my personal theory on the subject. I believe that Castiel does remember having sex with his wife, but it might be so removed from his current being that it has a dream-like quality to it. He might remember it as someone who was possessed would remember the things that the demon did while in their body. A previously possessed person would believe that it hadn’t been them doing those things and I think Castiel doesn’t think of Emanuel as really himself.

We saw very clearly that, when Castiel’s memory came back, so did all of his previous social awkwardness (with a little crazy mixed in for a little while). So I believe that Castiel did indeed return to being his old self and, as such, is that same guy that Dean once brought to the brothel and couldn’t even get laid there. Let’s not forget that he was also stuck in Purgatory for a while, which also could have had a hand in “resetting” him, as it were.

Castiel’s Exploration in Season 8

We’ve seen hints of Castiel exploring his sexuality (miss ya, Meg!), but now it’s exciting to think of what will happen in the future. Are we about to see Cas lose his virginity for real this time or will be he be too terrified dealing with life as a human and the threat of demons and angels to worry about that? It’s obvious he’s going to feel those things (judging by interviews), but will he act on them and, if so, how soon? There are so many questions to ponder.

What do you guys think? Were you ever in doubt that Castiel was still a virgin? Or do you think that there is another explanation for the hints and spoilers we’ve gotten about Cas in Supernatural Season 8? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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