Nothing Can Keep Cat and Vincent Apart in the ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Season 2 Promo

“No Chain. No Man. Nothing. Can Keep Them Apart.”

Muirfield might have captured Vincent at the end of last season of Beauty and The Beast, but it doesn’t look like Cat has given up on him. In the promo released by The CW for the second season of the series (which you can watch below), Cat declares “I love him. I’m not stopping until I find him.”

And thus begins the search for Vincent in the second season of the series. Of course we know these two have to eventually reunite, but things could get more complicated this season with Cat’s biological father in the mix. All I know is that October 7th cannot get here fast enough. I need my romance fix!

Season 2 of Beauty and The Beast premieres on Monday, October 7th at 9pm on The CW.

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