Do No Harm (NBC) Series Finale “This Is How It Ends”

Do No Harm Episode 13 This Is How It Ends (2)

Do No Harm “This Is How It Ends” episode 13 airs Saturday, September 7 2013 on NBC (10 p.m. ET)

Episode Synopsis: Do No Harm Episode 13 “This Is How It Ends”- Jason’s (Steven Pasquale) brain surgery is about to begin, a neurotransmitter implant that will “cut out” Ian (also Steven Pasquale) for good, however due to the blackout drug he has taken for years, Jason is immune to the normal anesthetic. A much stronger drug is given to Jason and in the midst of his twilight sleep he flashes back to his childhood and the origin of Ian Price is finally revealed. Meanwhile, Jordan (Michael Esper) and Lena (Alana De La Garza) are on seperate tracks to uncover Jason’s secrets all of which could prevent the surgery’s completion.

Show Summary: Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale, “Rescue Me”) is a highly respected neurosurgeon who has it all – a lucrative career, confident charm, the gift of compassion. But he also has a deep, dark secret. One morning when he wakes up disoriented in a wrecked hotel room amidst several near-naked women he’s never seen before, he knows one thing: it’s happening again. Every night at the same hour, something inside Jason changes, leaving him almost unrecognizable – seductive, devious, borderline sociopathic. This new man is his dangerous alternate personality who goes by the name of ‘Ian Price.’ For years he’s battled Ian, keeping him in check with a powerful experimental sedative. But now his – their – body has developed a resistance to the serum, setting Ian free once again. And to make matters worse, after being suppressed for so long, Ian is hell-bent on taking revenge on his oppressor. With everyone Jason cares about at risk – patients, friends, coworkers and even the woman he loves – he’s got to stop Ian once and for all. Will they find some common ground, or will they bring each other down? Hell hath no fury like an alter ego scorned.

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  • Bill Killinger

    Do No Harm was a good idea for a show, nothing like the other garbage shows that are duplicates of other shows. Do No Harm was an original and NBC should have gave it a chance. Steven Pasquale played a clever role as two people and it is a shame the show ended with a shitty ending that pretty much wantstge viewer to decide what happens when tge surgery is over. Now I can not wait til NBC comes up with a reality show to take the spot of this show in their time spot. Just more crap for people to get into!
    Jason Cole and Ian Price

  • Andrew Suffice

    This show is a masterpiece! I hope the network executives at least acknowledge that it was an exceptionally well written, well performed television series. The ending was absolutely haunting in a good way. What a marvelous twist! I do however feel very little closure about the ending. It’s almost jarring and even worse to think it may be all she wrote. I think that a second season could bring about the proper resolution that the audience needs for a conclusion. For example is the character Dr. Ruben Marcado dead? Is Ian going even out and settle down with Dr. Vanessa Young or his previous wife and child? These are the things I need to know people.

  • Shelley

    I loved this show. Sorry to see it go.