Royal Pains Season 5 Review “A Trismus Story” – Wins and Losses

Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 12 A Trismus Story (2)

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “A Trismus Story,” Evan battles the evil Blythe, Hank battles Don’s condition and a new surprise, while Jeremiah comes to a realization that could end his future with HankMed.

First off, I just want to tip my hat to the writers for giving Molly a condition that basically explained her behavior since the moment she was introduced. This whole time, I just figured she was a crabby teenager who got even crabbier when her dad’s life was in danger. I’ll admit that she annoyed me but I also didn’t think anything of the way she had been acting. To find out that she actually had a very serious medical condition going on actually made me feel guilty for judging her. So, like I said, nicely done to the writers for pulling that one over on me.

As for Hank, his story this week was mostly attached to Molly and Don’s, and as the background for the heartbreaking stuff that happened with Jeremiah. It seems like the show is gearing up to really get into the legal ramifications about everything that happened to Hank in the next episode. For the moment, I was just happy that he had a nice win with Don getting better, discovering Molly’s condition and of course feeling better himself.

Poor Jeremiah. Maybe it’s because we don’t often see him showing a lot of emotion, but it just about killed me when he broke down while talking to Divya. I could see how Jeremiah thinking that Hank would use him like that would really hurt him. I really hope that’s not the case and, in my heart, I don’t think that it is. Jeremiah wondered why Hank would tell him, rather than his friends and family, and I think it was because Hank needed that distance. Hank was admitting that he needed some help and that he wasn’t as well as he was letting on and perhaps talking to Jeremiah – a man who was nothing but professional and had no emotional connection to Hank – was exactly what Hank wanted in that moment. I really hope I’m right and I also really hope that Hank gets the chance to tell Jeremiah that.

As for Evan and Paige’s story, I was very happy to see that all of Evan’s hard work paid off and that he’s now the new Councilman. I was not, however, happy to see that Paige is still questioning their marriage. Has Evan truly given her that many reasons to wonder if they should be together? I don’t think so, which makes me wonder how much of this is coming from her. She seems to think that Evan doesn’t want her, but maybe she’s hiding the fact that she doesn’t want him. I don’t get it, but I just couldn’t help but to wonder that during this episode.

Next week I can’t wait to see how they handle Jeremiah’s resignation, Evan’s new job and Paige’s doubts about her marriage. I’m also hoping that we get to see Hank treat some new patients – if he’s allowed – since it feels like he hasn’t treated anyone but Molly and Don for a while.

My favorite bits..

Hank calling Divya’s baby “little puppy.” All together now: Awwww!

Hank finding all the notes from Evan all over the kitchen, including in the fridge.

Evan pulling Paige in for the interview.

“Twitter doesn’t scare me.”

Molly hitting Hank. Whoa!

Totally cracking up at the site of Jeremiah walking on the beach in full doctor gear, including lab coat.

Divya spotting that Jeremiah was second-guessing himself after what happened with Hank.

“Don’t play possum, vote for Lawson.”

Evan drumming up votes with his bull horn and little flags. Too cute.

Shelby helping herself to Hank’s bag. Yes, it was to treat his head, but still.

Evan asking Blythe to let him finish one sentence and then going off on her. I know it was wrong, but boy did I enjoy hearing him say all of that.

The fact that Hank was able to talk Don down when he woke up. That was so great.

“Better hoarse than dead.”

Blythe telling Evan not to apologize for hitting below the belt.

Wondering just what it was that Blythe had already done to Evan.

The cameraman’s little cough when Gina tried to tell Divya that she’d only been bowling a little while.

Molly apologizing to Hank. Wait. Did the world just end?

Evan and Paige finding out that they technically weren’t married.

Gina’s face turning blue. Whoa.

Who knew there was actually something wrong with Molly? Nice twist.

Nice try, show. I totally knew that Jeremiah was going to talk to Divya about Hank and not about the whole love thing.

Jeremiah nearly breaking down when he talked about Hank using him. My poor heart.

Evan lost to Edwina? No!!

“Maybe Molly and I can get back to where we were.”
“Don’t get too crazy, she’s still a teenager.”

Evan finding out he won. when he was being sworn in. Yay Evan!

Evan discovering that being a Councilman was a lot of work.

“I’m so proud of you, little brother.” – And again, aawww.

The boys finding Jeremiah’s resignation letter.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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