Graceland Season 1 “Happy Endings” Review

Graceland Episode 11 Happy Endings (3)

It came as no shock that the tenuous relationship between Briggs and Mike finally reached the breaking point in last night’s penultimate episode of Graceland. Although the title of the episode was “Happy Endings,” as an evil bastard son of Roose Bolton on Game of Thrones once said, “[i]f you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Unfortunately, all of the secrets and lies have resulted in a divided house with Briggs and Jakes paired up on one side and Mike and Paige on the other. In addition to disrupting things within Graceland, the split has left one housemate on her own – Charlie. To make matters worse, she is the one that is in the most danger because of her dealings with who thinks is a Mexican law officer, but is actually the baddest of the baddies (so far) – Jangles.

In a very jarring scene, we watched Charlie and Jangles prepare for their respective tools of choice. For Charlie, it was makeup. For Jangles, it was an array of torture instruments that could give The Walking Dead’s evil Governor a run for his money. Let’s hope that Johnny will be there to save Charlie out of what looks to be impending doom.

While Charlie was playing a game of rushing roulette with Jangles standing in for the gun, Briggs and Mike were engaged in a heated battle of wits, as they tried to outmaneuver each other. The two proved to be well-matched, as they both arrived at the same place using their respective investigative approaches. We won’t truly know who will come out on top of this chess match until next week’s finale. One thing is clear, the real loser will be the Graceland housemates who have gotten caught up in the Mike/Briggs mess, forced to pick sides and will likely find themselves without the trust in each other they had – or at least we think they had – before this internal investigation into Briggs began.

As usual, Graceland did what it does best – balanced much needed levity with serious, anxiety-inducing situations. This week it was courtesy of Johnny’s pancakes. If I had one nitpick, it would be that the “close bond” between Jakes and Briggs seems to have materialized out of thin air. I know everything can’t make it into an episode, but give us a little build up before you watch a character agree to help another conceal a murder by stealing federal evidence!

Only one more episode left! How do you think this season will end? What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!