Burn Notice Stars Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell Discuss Series Finale

Madeline, Sam, Michael, Fiona - Burn Notice

We’re two episodes away from the end of one of the most successful cable dramas of all time. Burn Notice will take its final case on September 12th and abdicate the throne of USA’s top drama. With the series finale just around the corner, TV Equals was fortunate enough to sit in on a conference call with creator Matt Nix and stars Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen) and Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe) to discuss the lead up to the finale as well some of their finer memories from the show’s 7 season run.

Major character death

Regarding the often-teased major character death coming somewhere in the final two episodes, Donovan cautioned viewers, “Don’t eat Chinese food”. Campbell added that there is “nothing that can prepare them [viewers]”. Both Donovan and Nix discussed the importance of the show ending with some sort of tragedy to help highlight how important Michael’s journey really was.

Michael in trouble

One of the callers was interested in how Michael was going to extricate himself from the precarious position he was left in last week. Nix said people would be surprised when they see it play out and touted James Kendrick as Michael’s most formidable opponent.

Beginnings and endings

Nix was asked if the idea for the final season was in his head when the show debuted 7 years ago. Nix said the idea was there from the beginning, but the exact beats weren’t worked out. He mentioned he eventually wanted to see Michael “wrestling the demons in himself”.

A Sam and Jesse spin-off?

Because of the strong work from both Campbell and Coby Bell this season, Nix was asked if there was an opportunity for a spin-off (because everything needs a movie or a spin-off). Surprisingly, Nix did say it’s an idea that’s been kicked around, but it’s not something imminent or even realistic. Campbell also said it would definitely be fun to do and expressed how much he’d enjoyed working with Coby Bell.

Missed opportunities

The three men were asked what was something they wanted to do on the show but couldn’t. Aside from unfeasible options like Donovan playing 18 holes of golf in an extended episode, Nix mentioned how logistics prevented him from doing a really cool boat chase. Nix also lamented the show’s inability to shoot at night. Logistics and finances were sighted as the reasons.

Michael’s journey

There were several questions regarding Michael’s very dark and strange trip this season. Donovan said he really liked the idea, but the reality of executing the plan was a lot harder than he imagined. He credited Nix and the writers for crafting the journey that really got to the core of Michael. Donovan said he believed that at the core of Michael was “a scared little boy”.

Overall, the call had plenty of nostalgia, but the main focus was on the twists and turns coming in the final two episodes. Said Nix: “I think it will surprise some fans, but it’s ultimately all about addressing these things that have emerged over the years and these elements of Michael’s character.”

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9 PM on USA.