‘Eastbound & Down’ Season 4 Trailer: Kenny Only Works For Kenny

eastbound and down

Eastbound & Down will be signing off after season four, but Kenny Powers is not one to go gently or quietly.

The new trailer features a Kenny who is back from the dead and ready to rise from the ashes of his messy career. However, Kenny being Kenny there is always a high probability of self-sabotage, but at least for the moment he’s ready to seize life as he declares the only person he’s working for is himself. What does this mean for his family? Or his future? That’s hard to say, but no matter what happens, Kenny is going out with his own kind of style.

What do you want out of the final season of Eastbound & Down?

Eastbound & Down season four premieres Sunday, September 29th at 10PM/9c on HBO.