‘The Glades’ Cancelled by A&E

The Glades Season 4 Episode 9 Fast Ball 11

Days after celebrating its season four finale, The Glades has been cancelled by A&E. As confirmed by TV Line, the crime drama bowed for the last time with 3.4 million total viewers tuning in. The solid ratings however, where not enough to change the network’s mind. The unexpected move has now left fans disappointed as the season came to a close with a cliff hanger unresolved surrounding the lead character who was shot down on the day of his wedding.

The series, from creator Clifton Campbell, first debuted on A&E back in July 2010. ‘The Glades’ followed Aussie actor Matt Passmore (Underbelly: Tale of Two Cities) in the lead role of Jim Longworth, a Chicago detective who relocates to South Florida to work for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Passmore’s Jim makes the move after he is falsely accused of sleeping with his captain’s wife back in thw windy city. Actors Kiele Sanchez (A Perfect Getaway), Carlos Gomez (Desperado), Jordan Wall (My Future Boyfriend) and Michelle Hurd (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) also starred.

Meanwhile, A&E is keeping with the drama ‘Longmire’ after ordering a second season of the new hit series that shared the same night as ‘The Glades’. What do you think fans? Are you sad to see the series yanked from the slate of A&E unexpectedly? Leave us your thoughts on the shows cancellation below.

  • They at least could have had a better ending! Leaving it on that cliff hanger was wrong in so many ways I hope they give us the fans some kind of “Wrap Up” for the series like maybe a Tv Movie or better yet Bring The Show Back!

  • Andrea L. Sperling

    They need to UNCANCEL it. It was a great show. If it had strong ratings why cancel it????! One of the few shows A&E actual carries that was good…. disappointed.

  • DJA

    Why would they cancel a show that clearly was enjoyed by 3.4 mil???? And they could have at least provided a better ending since I am sure they knew they were going to cancel the show. Not cool!

  • mdbaygirl

    You can’t leave Jim bleeding on the floor, give us, at the very least, a resolution the the cliffhanger!!!

  • Txdahl

    I really liked this show. I watch very little A&E and now I have no real reason to watch at all. And to leave it at a cliff hanger really is unprofessional on A&E’s part. It you knew you were cancelling it then you should have ended it properly. No love for A&E right now.

  • Guest

    Sad? Not at all! Furious? Absolutely! This show had good people, good stories, good triumped over bad. Jim made mistakes in arresting people, but got it right in the end and wasn’t afraid to admit his error, a lesson many people need to learn. The relationship between Jim, Callie, and Jeff was so true to life and personally I really loved that most every phone conversation ended with “I love you” as most of us end conversations. A&E needs to change it’s name to T&E, no Art just trash TV.

    • deborah

      i totally agree with you. i cab’t beleive A & E did this

  • MYMY

    This has got to be some kind of macabre joke, no? after the big build up with the ex-husband skipping his Witsec program and leaving an obviously phony trail of credit card receipts? This is a terrible and unfathomable decision by A&E. Shame on them/

  • ERM

    Why would anyone watch any A&E series when they have such little respect for their viewers

  • Lee

    This was one of the few shows on tv in general that was worth watching and it was the only one on A&E. It is obvious that A&E has no respect for their vewers to pull a stunt like this. To cancel the show like this and leave the fans in limbo is reprehensible!

  • Bearcub

    I can’t believe they left it like that! You,ve got to be kidding! I’m done with A&E. To let their viewers be left with such an awful cliffhanger just shows they really don’t care.

  • Patti

    Disappointed is not a strong enough word. I am completely over the cancellations of great shows in order to make room for “reality rubbish” !!!! Jim and Callie deserved better and so do the fans!!!! BRING BACK THE GLADES!!!

  • Cindyloo

    Someone told me about this show and how good it was, so I watched the last couple of seasons on Netflix and became absolutely hooked! Like the rest of the comments I can’t believe this network would leave viewers hanging like this! I have never watched A&E because I know it’s a station that shows a lot of reality crap. I guess I’ll forget the ‘number on the dial’, and hope to see these actors in other shows. Darn!

  • gundlach

    That sucks. Period.

  • tori62

    It really SUCKS to leave us hangin not knowing if Jim survives and can at least ride off into the sunset with Callie..

  • nbq

    very disappointed to see this program come to an end. This was very unexpected. Left out of what happened to such an ending and more questions that answers. Cutting us off like that, make you change your mind of following other series….. way to go A&E!!!!

  • Tinker

    If A&E doesn’t know a great show when they have it, the creator needs to go to a different network! This is one if the BEST, family entertainment show in years and NEEDS to continue on air!

  • Tif&Jerry

    Stupid decision A&E. Afraid I will have to boycott you!!
    Bring this show back!!!

  • Aztec Princess

    So disappointed with A&E! This was a fun show to watch!

  • Deidre

    The Glades has not been very good since season 1. What a shame to ruin such a good concept. I think the high rating they received on the finale was because we fans wanted to see a wedding. Callie looked lovely in her wedding gown and was left with no closure.

  • drew

    this is bull…… its all reruns not worth watch at all

  • John

    This is one of the most disappointing things that A&E could have pulled. Just shows you that big wigs At A&E really Don’t Care.

  • don iacovelli

    most of the programs stink, except for bates motel, longmire, and the glades…..dumb move to cancel that show………….its all about the money, right guys and girls……………..

  • tenbears

    What in the Sam Hill is wrong with you people??? You have a hit show with top notch rateings and you pull off the air for no reason..Not only that you leave us hanging with an ending that leaves Longworth getting shot just before he is supposed to get married…Are you people brain dead or is it you just prefer stupid shows like the Simpsons..Bring the show back or let another network take it over..You have a hit don’t cute your nose off just to spite your face….Trust me, you’ll be sorry you did…