Covert Affairs Season 4 Review “I’ve Been Waiting for You” – The Wrong Choice

Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 8 I've Been Waiting for You (1)

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “I’ve Been Waiting for You,” Annie and Auggie try to figure out how to work together after last week’s big talk, more info is revealed about Henry and someone gets into big trouble.

Once again this show gave us an episode where a whole ton of stuff happened, but then nearly blew it all away with what happened in the last couple of minutes.

Watching Annie and Auggie work together was both great and tortuous. The scene where Auggie led Annie all the way through a building on the other side of the world while he “watched” the cameras was just so them. It was a testament to how well they’ve learned to work together. No matter what you may think of them as a couple, there is no denying that they are a fantastic team. For me, because I do see more of a connection between them, it was hard to see a scene like that and not hope that they would work out a way to get back together. Because surely two people who work together that well (especially after having broken up) can make a relationship work, right?

But it wasn’t just Annie and Auggie’s relationship that provided a lot of drama in this episode. Teo discovered a vital piece of information about the bombing that killed his mother. I don’t know if I can say it was exactly a shock to find out that Henry was responsible for so many bombings – I’ve always had a feeling that he was capable of some pretty terrible things – but I was still left a little surprised. I think it’s mostly about trying to understand why he would do those things. When he was just coming after Arthur, it made sense as we knew that Henry wanted revenge for the death of his son. But killing a bunch of innocent people is so far beyond that.

In the end, the story came back around to Annie and Auggie and though it gave us hope for their future, it took it away just as quickly. Perhaps Auggie needed to be with Annie again, to have her come warn him at great risk to herself so that he could see why they needed to be together. When he said they had made the wrong choice, my heart was happy, but it was a short-lived happiness. Auggie being led away in handcuffs is not how I expected the episode to end and now I will be waiting anxiously to find out how they will get him out of this mess, as well as take down Henry – without Teo ruining his chances for a future with the Agency. Talk about a tall order.

My favorite bits..

Auggie showing up at Annie’s door.

“You want to keep working together?”
“Of course, we’re great together.” – That statement has so many meanings.

Enjoying the complications of a blind man guiding a sited woman as she followed another man in another country. That takes some talent on all sides.

Joan transferring Annie out of Calder’s department.

“I want you to stay out of my life!”

“You made me a spy and I have a mission.”

Teo telling Annie that he could feel her thinking how to bring up her dad.

Joan pointing out to Teo that Arthur did what he did to protect him.

“He has Arthur’s eyes. I was not expecting that.”

Teo telling Annie to pretend he was Henry Wilcox and hit him.

Wondering just how many friends Calder had within the Agency. Seems like this guy can make a phone call to get anything he wants.

Annie grabbing Vargas right before Calder.

Admiring the realism of the van crash. That was so good it was actually hard to watch.

Annie warning Teo that if he killed Henry, he would become the terrorist Henry wants him to be.

Annie coming home to find that her apartment had been CIA-cleaned. Oh, boy.

“We made the wrong choice.”

Auggie telling Calder that he and Annie were in a relationship.

Calder finding the flash drive. Uh oh.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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