9 Returning 2013 TV Shows I Can’t Wait For

Elementary, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, Justified, White Collar, Longmire

For the past three weeks I have been discussing new and returning fall and winter shows that I plan to watch. Last week I focused on returning sci-fi and fantasy shows – 9 Returning Sci-fi and Fantasy Shows I Am Eagerly Awaiting.

This week I would like to finish by talking about the returning non sci-fi and fantasy shows I am anxious to see. I am impatiently awaiting these shows, especially since they are now starting the commercials advertising the new seasons! As has become typical, many of these shows left us with cliffhangers when their season ended, and it is about time to resolve those!

Justified – FX (January 2014)

Raylan Givens - Justified

This is one of those programs where I missed the first three seasons, started watching it at the beginning of the fourth season due to a friend’s recommendation, and managed to catch some earlier season episodes in repeats. In January, it will be premiering its 5th season. Justified tells the story of a US Marshall who does not always stay within the lines and has to deal with being assigned to his home town which he had tried to leave behind.

Season 4 ended with Ava being sent to prison, leaving Boyd alone and in despair, and Winona being sent into protective custody after an attempt on her life, leaving Raylan alone and equally unhappy. What is next for these two couples and the rest of the surviving residents of Harlan County?

Castle – ABC (September 23)

Beckett and Castle - Castle

I have been a loyal viewer of this program since the beginning, having adored Nathan Fillion from Firefly. It will be starting its 6th season this fall. This program is about a mystery writer who acts as a consultant for a detective with the NY City police department.

When season 5 ended, we were left with Beckett trying to decide whether she wanted to take a job offer from the FBI, which would mean moving to Washington, DC. Then Castle dropped the real bomb – he proposed to her! What will Kate decide? How will Castle react?

Elementary – CBS (September 26)

Holmes and Watson - Elementary

I have watched this program since the beginning, and find it enthralling entertainment. It is premiering its second season this fall. This detective drama is set in New York City. The fact that Elementary cast a female Dr. Watson makes it unique.

Of all the cliffhangers, I think this was one of the best! We find out that Holmes’ love, Irene Adler, thought dead by Holmes, is actually Moriarty, his biggest criminal rival. This shocking revelation certainly stunned me.

NCIS – CBS (September 24)


This fall, NCIS is premiering its 11th season! It tells the story of agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the cases they solve.

When season 10 ended, we had Gibbs under investigation, Tony, Ziva and McGee resigning and what appeared to be Gibbs aiming a rifle at Fornell! Triple yikes! And, I am sure most of you have heard that Cote de Pablo is not returning to NCIS this year, so the opening two parter will be a farewell to Ziva.

NCIS LA – CBS (September 24)

Deeks, Kensi, Callan, Sam, Hetty - NCIS: Los Angeles

I find spin-offs to be hit or miss, but in this case, I really like this spin-off of NCIS. Premiering its 5th season this fall, it has the familiarity I like but the newness that keeps it fresh. It has a very “California” vibe, different from its parents show and the Washington, DC vibe.

At the end of last season, an undercover mission went sideways, and Sam and Deeks ended up being tortured to reveal Michelle’s (Sam’s wife) true identity. Plus, we have the hanging issue of the relationship between Kensi and Deeks after their kiss. It will be an interesting premiere!

The Big Bang Theory – CBS (September 26)

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 4 The Re-Entry Minimization

The Big Bang Theory will be starting its 7th season this fall. It follows the lives of 4 friends who are high powered scientists and engineers, but not always so adept at social skills.

As last season ended, Leonard left on a research trip, Raj was dumped by Lucy, and Sheldon and Amy’s Avatars got very friendly in the virtual world. But, possibly the biggest development was Raj being able to speak with Penny without the aid of alcohol. What does this mean for his future?

Hawaii Five-0 – CBS (September 27)


What excited me initially about this show was that Alex O’Loughlin was going to be the star, since I had loved him in Moonlight, a series that was canceled too soon IMHO. Its 4th season starts this fall. This program is about an elite state police task force set up to fight crime in Hawaii.

The final episodes of last season saw a splitting of the team, with Kono fleeing with her boyfriend Adam, who shot his criminal brother to save her. McGarrett visited Wo Fat in prison at just the right time to save him from the people that are trying to kill him. Or, at least we hope he saves him, since Wo Fat promised to tell Steve about his connection to Steve’s mom!

White Collar – USA (October 17)

White Collar Cast

Premiering its 5th season this fall, I have been watching this program since the beginning. The two main characters make up one of my favorite bromances on TV, and this program also features my favorite married couple currently on TV. White Collar is about a former white collar criminal who now consults with the FBI White Collar Division to help them solve crimes.

As the previous season ended, Peter had been framed for murder by Neal’s dad, ending all doubt as to whether or not he could be trusted. On top of that, Neal and Sara are now fake engaged! What will that mean for the new season?

Longmire – A&E (January 2014)

Longmire cast

It was just recently announced that this program will be back for a third season starting in January. I could not be more delighted! I have been a loyal viewer since it premiered, and find the stories compelling and love the low tech detective work used by this show! Longmire is set in Wyoming.

The season finale left us with Henry Standing Bear being taken to prison for a murder he did not commit, and Branch, Longmire’s former political rival, left for dead. Plus, Vic continues to be stalked by an ex cop from her past in Philadelphia.


Have you begun to get excited about the upcoming fall and winter season of shows? What will you be watching this fall? Please let me know in the comments section below.