‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Trailer: Welcome (Back) To Downton

The season four trailer of Downton Abbey has arrived and there’s lots of change afoot.

The Lady Mary is getting comfort not only from her grandmother, The Dowager Countess, but also Mr. Carson after the loss of Matthew, but both our heroine and the series are choosing life over death. I’m happy to report there are fewer tears in this season’s trailer, and far more dancing. Edith is looking smashing in a bright, ’20s era frock, Rose appears to be hitting it off with the jazz musician Jack Ross, both Mary and Branson are seen with new suitors, and Anna and Bates are doing things that don’t involve jail time (although Anna shares a meaningful glance with a newcomer– should we be worried?).

All in all, I’d call this trailer a winner– if the season is as joyous as it looks we’re in for a delectable treat when PBS finally gets around to giving up the goods this January. Check it out below and be sure to share your favorite parts in the comments.

Downton Abbey season four premieres this September on ITV and on PBS January 5th for us Americans.