‘Lost Girl’ Season 4 Teaser: Bo’s Back…Or Is She?

After being whisked away last season by “The Wanderer” (maybe), Bo is back in a new teaser for Lost Girl‘s fourth season.

At least she’s back in body, but the Bo sauntering through the teaser set to a folksy cover of “The Wanderer,” suggests Bo might not be Bo. At the very least, she could be embracing her darker fae impulses. Her smile after a bit of soul-sucking suggests is downright chilling. Check out the moody teaser below. What do you think lies ahead for Bo this season?

Lost Girl season four premieres Sunday, November 10th at 10PM ET/PT on Showcase in Canada. The new season will air stateside this January on Syfy.

  • lostgirl

    This is the trailer for Season 3, just so you know.

    • Sabienna B.

      I checked around a bit to be sure, but Showcase is billing it as a season four teaser. I just rewatched the season three trailer that I covered last year though and they did pull significantly from it, reusing scenes set to a different song with some CGI thrown in for good measure.

      Nice catch though. It’s not unusual for networks to reuse footage from the previous seasons for teasers, unfortunately. Hopefully, the next release will offer up footage from season four.