‘Longmire’ Season 3 Announced

Longmire Season 2 Episode 8 The Great Spirit 9

A&E has reportedly decided to go with a third season of the break out hit Longmire, according to the show’s executive producer John Coveny.
Coveny, as reported by Deadline, tweeted the good news of Longmire’s renewal on Twitter. “Thanks to the 5 million plus weekly fans (live+7). Young and older skewing alike! The call just came: SEASON 3 for #Longmire is a GO!”

Although A&E and Warner BrosTV have yet to officially announce the pick-up, recent rating highs suggest that a third season is in the cards for the show. Longmire’s season 2 finale managed to pull in 4.4 million total viewers. Season 2 averaged 3.7 million viewers between the 18-49 demographic, as well as 25-54. Official word on the show’s renewal should be on the way.

‘Longmire’ follows the titular character, Sheriff Walt Longmire, who returns to patrol Absaroka County in Wyoming after the passing of his wife. The show is an adaptation of Craig Johnson’s book of the same name. The A&E drama stars Robert Taylor (The Matrix) as the sheriff, Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), Bailey Chase (Saving Grace), Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) and Adam Bartley (Be Strong).

Are you ready for a third season ‘Longmire’ fans? Give us your thoughts below.

  • becky cargle

    great show

  • becky cargle

    great show and cast

  • ptjackson

    Woo hoo!! What welcome news!! This is a great show that more people need to know about.

  • Cjstoff

    actually takes place in Wyoming

    • lspd

      actually it says and at end of the credits that it was filmed in new mexico, or I thought it did anyways, could be wrong.

  • laura

    I think that longmier is he best show that I have watched in years. I will definitely
    watch every show.

  • Janet

    Both my husband and I were thrilled to read that Longmire is going to have a 3rd season. Monday nights are reserved for our house to watch Longmire. If the phone rings I will either ignore the call or answer and tell them I will call them during commercial.
    We love watching this series. Almost as good as NCIS!!!!! 🙂
    Janet and Dave

  • rjcbr

    Can hardly wait for a new season!

  • Patsy

    Thank You A&E for a third season of Longmier. I am a faithful fan.

  • Jan

    If you dont pick it up after leaving us hanging i will be very mad

  • JerryN

    It’s about time this show was recognized as being different and well written. Thank you A&E for signing it up for another season, but I would like it if they signed for about another 5 – 10 years.

  • Viv

    Definitely a hit series for me. I don’t miss an episode !! This has good story lines and excellent actors. Can’t wait for the next season 🙂

  • RAE

    We love the show, please come back next year.

  • DocHolliday

    Awesome show! I am looking forward to 2014. I hope they start it earlier than May. My favorite show!


    Sarah Luoma

    it’s Absaroka County, Wyoming, USA

    filmed in New Mexico
    Can’t wait for season 3

  • betty witt

    Really great show! Glad it is coming back in 2014.

  • DanB

    TV does not have a lot to offer, but this is a good one.

  • Geesh

    The setting of the show is not Nebraska. It is Wyoming.

  • gooch

    my husband and I love this show. When will they show re-runs of season 2? We missed a couple. Very excited about season 3!!!!!

  • msscn

    I absolutely love Longmire and Walt is just too sexy and it is one of the best shows on TV besides The Walking Dead! Can’t wait for Season 3!!!

  • dorothy

    Longmire is a breath of fresh air! The location & surrounding culture (Indian reservation(s) show a quiet, yet impacting, perspective from Wyoming area. We ENJOY Sheriff Longmire’s quiet, yet strong, caring demeanor. So HAPPY show coming back for 3rd season. We promote it to our friends to watch. Dorothy & Jim

  • DK

    This show is great !! I am so glad there will be a third season. Thank you A & E for a program that does not down grade men. It is great to have a program that shows real men. Both my husband & I are loyal fans.

  • Dmedic69

    awesome show

  • sjs

    Great show. Most shows today are not very good. Thank you A&E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanny Pilgreen

    Please bring this show back it is the best most true show on TV Love this story

  • Aztec Princess

    Yes! Still disappointed with A&E for canceling The Glades but this helps me feel better. Can’t wait for the new season to start.

  • Aztec Princess

    Get Walt a new love interest someone quiet but strong.

  • Jeanie Girl

    Have to have Longmire! I love the show and listen to Walt’s every word. It has to continue. It’s the best series on TV. Don’t let him go!! I love and have lived outwest! It’s right on!

  • timeburner

    Longmire and Glades are the shows everyone talks about the following day.

  • Longmire FAN!!

    Best show on TV right now! I went on Amazon and bought the entire season 1 and 2. Thank goodness A&E knows what they have in Longmire, the entire cast ROCKS! Can’t wait for season 3 and hopefully 4,5,6,etc…

  • audrey squires

    love the show:) when does the new season start

    • ptjackson

      The date has not been announced yet.

  • Larky

    Love the show!!!

  • jakex_iii

    glad for another Season

  • Dan

    Wonderful news! great series…

  • Linda

    Yes!!!!! I’m so happy to hear there will be a third season.
    Thank You

  • LadyAlba

    I absolutely adore the books! They are so well-written and the characters are full-rounded. I have lived in Montana and of course, been to Wyoming; however, please be aware that the show is filmed in New Mexico for some stupid reason!

  • SPARKY1965

    I CAN’T WAIT !!!!

  • Joani Henderson

    Can’t wait for the 3rd season. We LOVE this show.

  • Sue & Ted

    good show; not as good as Vegas, which got cancelled but enjoyable

  • James

    Great show , keep it going.

  • edschue

    I love this show.

  • Jane

    TERRIFIC cast, fantastic writing, gorgeous scenery. Everyone should be glued to Longmire each and every week like I am!

  • foramerica1

    I only really watch two shows on TV an Longmire is first on the list.

  • edie1956

    99% of the time that my TV is on it is nothing more then a noise and I am not paying attention to what is going on….BUT….when Longmire is on I am glued to the set and if my phone rings I ignore it and if anyone dares to knock at my door I yell “come back when Longmire is over”. I just HOPE and PRAY that there will be seasons 4, 5, 6, etc etc

  • Jimmy

    My wife and I love this show! Good decision by a&e.

  • Anne

    very happy Longmire will continue. it’s different from other shows. love Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Philips!

  • judy from oklahoma

    really like the program but it does not do the books justice. needless to say i love the books and have read 5 of them so far (you have to read them in order to really know what is going on). can’t wait to see the new season

  • Donna

    Can’t wait love the character Walt and love Longmire!!! EXCITED FOR Season 3!!!!

  • Wili

    I love this show! Looking forward to the new season! Now, will you please bring back ‘The Glades?’

  • Bud

    I can’t wait for Season 3. This is one of the best of the new shows. Not sure whether my favorite is Longmire or Justified. I really like that Robert Taylor has lost the Ausie accent. I discovered Katie Sackhoff in Battlestar Galactica and really like her here.

  • Tony

    I am glad that A&E has finally came their senses. Longmire is a great show and the stories are true to life. Good luck with the 3rd season.

  • Lynn

    Love this show! Thanks A&E for renewing. Cannot wait for them to start!

  • Marsha

    I never missed a show. I am so looking forward to season 3.

  • leanna

    Awesome show we watch it every chance we get..:)

  • LeRoy Barnes

    Please give us a season 3

  • Kathleen Almroth Cousino

    We love Longmire & wait anxiously for the return!

  • Christie

    can’t wait!

  • Gary Schmitt

    One of the best series on TV including the main channels.

  • Clearner

    Love the show, can’t wait for it to start.

  • rusty

    Love the show and so happy it is returning!

  • Kimberly

    Best show ever!!

  • avocado

    hell yes