‘Elementary’ Season 2 Premiere Photos Reveal Sherlock and Joan in London

Elementary Season 2 Premiere Step Nine (8)

Joan and Sherlock are off to London in the season two premiere of Elementary and CBS has released photos from the episode (“Step Nine”) that give us a peak at what Sherlock will be up to during his return visit to his birthplace.

Fans of the original Sherlock Holmes stories are in for a treat as the show introduces two familiar characters into the world of Elementary. Both Sherlock’s brother Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) and his mentor Lestrade (Sean Pertwee) will be on hand. In fact, it’s Lestrade who inspires Sherlock and Joan’s voyage in the first place: he needs help with a case (and from the looks of the photos, Sherlock and Mycroft’s “help” could involve explosives). As for Joan, expect her to balance her detective side with her natural urge to council Sherlock as she tries to get her friend to reconnect with his estranged brother.

Elementary season two premieres Thursday, Sept. 26th at 10:01PM ET/PT on CBS.

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