Covert Affairs Season 4 Review “Crackity Jones” – Choosing Both Can Make You Lose Both

Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 7 Crackity Jones (7)

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “Crackity Jones,” Auggie discovers a deeply hidden secret from his past, Annie continues to hunt for ways to get Henry and they both discover that making some choices can cause you to lose everything.

Oh man, after the end of that final scene with Auggie and Annie, I felt like Louis did during last week’s episode of Suits. All I want to do is say, “I need a day” and then run off to lick my wounds for a little while. I wasn’t even in that relationship and I took it hard. Heck, I’m not even one who usually likes relationships in action shows and I’m still traumatized by it.

Near the beginning of the episode, Annie and Auggie both discovered that Auggie’s ex-wife (undercover wife, that is) was still alive and had faked her own death so that she could go deep, deep undercover. But that wasn’t the only reason she did it. As more of the story came out, we found out that Helen also made her decision after she let her emotions get away from her and nearly got herself and Auggie killed on a mission. Helen then warned Annie that she would need to decide whether it was more important to get Henry or be with Auggie, as trying to do both would make her fail at both.

Annie and Helen were sent on a mission together after it was discovered that Henry had stolen weapons in his continued attempts to completely destroy Arthur. Speaking of Arthur, it turned out that he knew all along that Helen was still alive, but chose not to tell Auggie under the pretense of keeping Helen safe. But he might have done it more to protect his son, since she because a liaison for Teo. Auggie gave Arthur a well-deserved punch in the nose for keeping the secret and it looks like the hard feelings between those two aren’t going away any time soon.

As is the way with many of Annie’s missions recently, it all went awry and soon she found herself back home and having to confront Auggie. Helen put some doubts into her mind and it turned out that Auggie was feeling them as well. During that whole scene, I just kept waiting for one of them to say, “Yeah, but we can still get through it.” I don’t think I ever thought that they’d end it with them breaking up. Like Joan told Annie – from the very beginning Annie had needed Auggie to ground her and he had needed her to push him out of his comfort zone. When I think back to the people they were in the first season, it’s almost hard to believe that they are the same characters. I just can’t imagine that a connection like that will go away so fast, but I do wonder how long they will try to stay away from each other due to their need to protect the other.

One thing’s for sure, I’m betting their decision is going to make the rest of this season full of lots of angst.

My favorite bits..

Auggie finding out that Helen was still alive.

The smile on Auggie’s face when he saw Helen standing by the fountain.

Auggie flying over that car hood. Whoa.

Is it wrong that I laughed my butt off when Auggie punched Arthur in the nose?

“You’re going on a mission with dead ex-girlfriend, what more is there to say?”

“So you broke into my apartment to avoid an awkward reunion?”

Helen claiming that their marriage had always been a cover for her.

“Don’t worry about my decisions. They’ve served me well, so far.”

“You had me at’ pizza.'” – I am seriously starting to love Eric.

Eric and Hollman asking Auggie if she was dating Annie, including the odds on what people at Langley were saying.

“Are you guys hungry?”

Auggie asking Joan why she paired up him and Annie.

“If I ran every time my life was in danger, I’d never complete a mission.”

Helen telling Annie the whole reason she went dark.

“The most dangerous thing a spy can do is fall in love.”

Helen telling Annie that she was going to have to choose between loving Auggie or getting Henry, as trying to do both would make her fail at both.

Arthur apologizing, but still standing by his decision to lie to Auggie about Helen.

Auggie and Annie deciding that they both had a lot of things they needed to think about.

Auggie knowing exactly how Annie was feeling and what she was thinking.

Auggie saying that Helen might be right?? No!

“It’s like we’ve never had time for just us.” – That is so true.

“For people like us there is no normal.”

Annie standing behind Auggie to compose herself, and then pausing at the door, trying to figure out if she should say something.

Auggie waiting until Annie walked out the door until Annie had walked out the door.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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