‘Bunheads’ Sutton Foster Cast In Spooky ‘Psych’ Season 8 Finale

Bunheads won’t be coming back to ABC Family, but it’s going to take more than a little thing like cancellation to keep the series’ powerhouse star Sutton Foster down.

TV Line has confirmed that Foster has landed a guest spot in Psych’s fan-chosen trippy season eight finale “A Nightmare on State Street.” The episode, written by Psych star James Roday, will find Gus visiting a dream therapist (played by Burn Notice‘s Bruce Campbell) in hopes of ridding himself of night terrors. Foster is set to appear as a middle school teacher, who may or may not be sweet on her school’s gym teacher.

Also guest starring are Brie and Nikki Bella (The Bella Twins of WWE Divas and Total Divas fame). They will play a pair of terrifying temptresses who haunt Gus’ dreams.

Are you glad to see Foster back on television?

Psych season eight is scheduled to return to USA in 2014.