Breaking Bad Season 5 Review “Confessions”

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11 Confessions (1)

“There’s only one solution: Step up, be a man, and admit what you’ve done. That’s it! There’s no other option!”

Another week, another stellar episode of Breaking Bad! With only two episodes under our belt so far in the second half of this fifth and final season, it’s clear that we’ve reached a whole other level of quality with tonight’s installment “Confessions”. While I definitely enjoyed the first half of this season, it’s so much more satisfying now that we’re all careening headlong towards what promises to be an intense series finale.

That’s not to say that the first half of this season didn’t have a few standout episodes, with my favorite being “Dead Freight”, so it was great to open the episode on Todd recounting the events of that exciting train heist scene. It was also a neat little wrinkle that Michael Slovis, who directed “Dead Freight”, also directed tonight’s installment. It was pretty interesting that Todd failed to mention the part where he shot a young boy, though. Either he felt too guilty to share it with his uncle or he just didn’t have enough time to get to that part of the story.

We then quickly get to another great restaurant scene, but this one was between the Whites and the Schraders. I was wondering if Hank or Marie were coming in to the meeting with an open mind, or if everybody came in knowing exactly what they wanted and wasn’t going to budge. Walt is showing his trademark bravado and conceitedness, and it’s heartbreaking seeing how incredibly upset it’s making Hank and Marie. Marie has had somewhat of a thankless role on this series thus far, so it’s been fun to see her have a little meatier of a part now. She also had the single coldest line of the night, as she suggested that Walt just kill himself to save everybody the trouble. You’d think that a line that cold-hearted would be the meanest thing in the whole episode, but it wasn’t even close.

I could not have prepared myself for what Walt said in his confession tape. I mean, the way he started it you would have thought he was doing the right thing, but as soon as he started to say that Hank was the one who forced him into cooking meth, I literally screamed out loud in my living room! Walt has done some truly messed up things (and we’ll get to poisoning Brock later), but this has to be one of the worst. Not only is it terrible for him to be throwing Hank under the bus, but it all sounds so believable, doesn’t it?! Hank’s connections in the DEA, his relationship with Gus Fring, and the professional attempt on his life, it all seems to add up! You can tell that Walt has been thinking of this being a possible alibi for a while now, which makes it all the more evil.

With all of this craziness going on early in this season between the Whites and the Schraders, it’s easy to forget about Jesse. He’s almost been in a catatonic state for these past two episodes, but this was his time to shine! We first get the incredible meeting between him and Walt in the middle of the desert. It’s almost embarrassing hearing Walt nearly begging Jesse to try to get him to change his identity and skip town. It’s clear he just doesn’t want such a dangerous witness in town in case Hank gets him to crack. You can’t help but feel bad for Jesse, as he collapses in tears in Walt’s arms. Walt clearly doesn’t care about anybody but himself, but you can definitely sense that he has a genuine connection to Jesse. Sure, he’d like nothing better than to sweep Jesse under the rug, but you can sense that he doesn’t want to hurt him. Not anymore than he has to, at least.

Jesse might just end up hurting Walt, though, as he finally learns the truth about how Walt poisoned Brock with the help of Saul and Huell. Jesse’s gets a gun from Saul, and Walt gets a gun from his Coke machine, but Jesse goes an alternate route and ends up dousing Walt’s home in gasoline. If Jesse actually does go through with burning the house, that would definitely explain why the house was condemned and closed off in the last episode. At this point you just hope that Flynn, Holly or Skyler don’t get caught in the crossfire. I guess we’ll see what happens. Only five more episodes, everybody!

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Random Thoughts:

– I’ve mentioned several times in my reviews how I’ve disagreed with Breaking Bad fans’ hatred for Skyler White, but Anna Gunn herself wrote a great op-ed on the subject for the New York Times. If you haven’t had the chance to read it already, check it out here.

Evan Almighty was on TBS earlier today, and I was watching the end of it and realized that Dean Norris played one of the inept police officers in the final scene. It was quite a shock seeing him in such a lighthearted comedy and then seeing him in this only a few hours later.

– Did anybody else notice that the 5 Hour Energy drinks and the top-selling air fresheners were moved closer to the register in tonight’s episode, per Walt and Skyler’s conversation from last week?