Graceland Seson 1 “King’s Castle” Review

Graceland Episode 3 Heat Run (4)

It’s getting harder and harder not to blame Briggs for the troubles at Graceland with each passing week. His need for revenge against Jangles, although understandable, is compromising the safety of his housemates.

Briggs found himself very busy this week as he dealt with Badillo’s murder, maintaining his identity as Odin and keeping Mike from getting too close to the truth. He’s also got to deal with his fellow Graceland housemates who are becoming increasingly suspicious of him – particularly Charlie, who has unknowingly partnered with Jangles posing as a Mexican agent in her effort to learn more about Briggs’ extra-curricular activities.

There’s also Bello, who is not content to go down without a fight. After realizing he’d been played by Mike, Bello invited him for a visit in which he reminded the rookie of his past undercover transgressions including the murder of Eddie. Mike’s attempt to rationalize his actions by stating that he was under orders proved futile. Bello reminded him that his own men followed orders too and “the only difference between you and me is that I will pay for my sins.” Ouch.

Bello wasn’t Mike’s only problem this week. He was still under the watchful eye of Paige, who could have revealed his secret investigation of Briggs to the rest of his Graceland housemates. I think his excuse about being under orders would have gone over as well with that group as it did with Bello. To further complicate matters, Mike also finds out that Juan Badillo has disappeared and the agents at headquarters suspect that Briggs had something to do with it.

In the midst of all of the professional, covert turmoil, Johnny decides to throw a surprise birthiday party for Jakes – complete with bouncy castle and strippers. Unfortunately for Johnny, Jakes was not in a celebratory mood after getting into it with his ex. Charlie didn’t exactly help in providing a festive mood either.

Feeling the weight of his undercover investigation, Mike decided to come clean with Briggs about his investigation into the veteran. Briggs wasn’t surprised about the internal investigation, but the conversation did alert him to the fact that the person he murdered was fellow agent Badillo and not Jangles.

Between Briggs’ secret double life and Charlie unknowingly teaming up with a dangerous killer, the Graceland residents appear to be in more danger with each passing week. It will be interesting to see if the writers wrap everything up this season or leave us with a few big cliffhangers in the finale. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!