Royal Pains Season 5 Review “Game of Phones” – Out of Sync

Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 10 Game of Phones (3)

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “Game of Phones,” Evan assumes a lot about his birthday and gets himself into trouble, while Hank makes a mistake that could end up costing him his career.

From the preview last week, I thought that Hank giving Molly one of his pills would end up being a much bigger part of this episode – at least the part where he got in trouble for it – but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens with that.

I was happy to see that story take a little longer to unfold, though. I wondered what would ever make Hank give someone else (especially a teenage girl) an unsubscribed narcotic in the first place. It didn’t seem like something he would do unless he was in a desperate situation and it took a while before that happened. First we had to see that Don wasn’t doing well and that Molly was off doing something that she wasn’t supposed to do in a place that had no cell phone reception. Once all of that happened and Hank found himself trying to rescue Molly from further injury, while preventing Don from overexerting himself, I could start to see how he might get desperate enough to do what he did. But I think he learned what a mistake it might have been once Molly started going wacko and nearly killed them all in a car accident. Did Hank anticipate that she might have that kind of reaction to taking one of his pills?

While Molly has acted like a brat through most of this season, I don’t know if I will categorize turning Hank in as bratty. It did seem as though she did it as some sort of revenge tactic. Though what exactly she had to be mad at Hank about I don’t know – he had just saved her dad after all. But I think the information also needed to get out there. Then again, I was a little confused as to why him taking a drug test was such a big deal. Jeremiah gave him the prescription and those are the painkillers he was approved to take and keep practicing medicine in the first place, right? I’m still a little fuzzy on all that.

As for Paige and Evan’s story in this episode, I once again felt so bad for both of them. The misunderstanding about the whole birthday thing got so far out of control that it was easy to see how they could both end up upset. When Evan was desperately trying to find a phone signal, while Paige was mishearing everything coming out of his mouth, it kind of broke my heart. I hope that the cupcake she left by the side of the bed was a sign that she still loved him enough to forgive him for thinking that going to Italy was her idea of a birthday surprise. They both realized that they had been out of sync so maybe that was her way of trying to get that back.

I was happy that Divya finally got to tell her mother about her pregnancy, and that she got to see how happy her mother is now. It was very sweet to hear them bonding over the feeling of being pregnant and I hope that Divya’s mother will be a source of support for her, even if they don’t live in the same country.

My favorite bits..

Hank walking into the pain management center. and marching right back out.

Evan admitting that, between Paige’s art-speak and Hank’s doctor-speak, he didn’t know what anyone was saying anymore.

Evan grilling Paige to get the details about his birthday.

Paige calling Evan a “peeker.” – She is soooo right about that.

“Hey, when I got here you said ‘nice pants.'”
“I’m sorry I misled you.”

Hank wishing Divya luck on her trip with Evan.

Evan singing to his jacket, and very well I might add.

Evan attempting to tell Gino his bike was very cool, but telling him his motor home was very cold.

Not being able to believe that Evan STILL thought everything was about his birthday after the plane and getting to Italy.

The look on Divya’s face when she realized her mother’s surprise.

Divya having to tell her mother she had a fling. I think that part was harder than announcing she was pregnant.

Evan finally getting that the trip wasn’t about him and trying to leave Paige a message.

Molly crashing Hank’s car. Why do I have a feeling that Hank is about to end up with two patients?

Yep… totally saw that coming.

That whole scene between Molly and Hank after Don went down. I felt like I needed Hank to hit me a few times with those paddles during all that. My poor heart.

Paige misinterpreting everything that Evan was saying. Yikes, it just keeps getting worse.

Evan immediately calling Hank for help.

Divya calling Evan a ninny.

Paige echoing Evan’s words about how they were out of sync.

Finding out what Paige’s birthday surprise for Evan actually was. So sweet.

The little girl who translated what Evan and Divya were saying. She was just too adorable for words.

Divya pointing out to Evan that he would do anything and everything for Paige – including climbing into the back of a truck with pigs.

The terrified way Evan screamed “They’re biting me!!”

“From the start, I knew you were changing me for the better.”

Divya talking about how her baby made her feel.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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