‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 6: ‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany to Romance Tom

Tatiana Maslany, 2013’s indisputable break-out star thanks to her turn as multiple clones on BBC America’s Orphan Black, is heading to Parks and Recreation for a two episode stint as Tom’s (Aziz Ansari) love interest, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. Despite not garnering an Emmy nod, Maslany has walked away with a number of awards this year including the Critic’s Choice prize for Best Actress and the Young Hollywood Award for Break-Out Actress. Maslany is scheduled for episodes five and six of season six.

Here’s where things get interesting: episode six involves the Parks & Rec gang meeting their Eagleton counterparts (as we reported back in July, Kristen Bell will be playing the Eagleton Leslie). Since then, the rest of the Parks department’s doppelgangers have been announced aside from Tom’s. Series creator Michael Schur told TV Line the actor or actress playing Tom’s doppelganger is being kept under wraps because it was a spoiler. Could it be that Maslany, who is so good at channeling multiple personalities, is playing Tom’s double? Because really, wouldn’t the notoriously vain Tom’s best love interest be a bizarro world version of himself? (Unless they somehow got P. Diddy to fill the role.)

Parks and Recreation season six premieres Thursday, September 26th at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.