‘Homeland’ Season 3 Posters Ask Us To Pledge Our Allegiance [+ Video]

The new Homeland season three posters feature the series’ three main protagonists, Carrie, Saul and Brody, and one statement that packs quite the punch where these three are concerned: “Pledge Allegiance.” That’s a loaded statement when Carrie is involved with suspected terrorist on the run Brody, while Saul is torn between his country and protecting his protege. By saying very little, all four images manage to evoke the internal turmoil the characters will be facing as they choose between their duties as patriots and their loyalties to each other. See all four photos in the gallery below, and check out a new season three trailer set to an Adele tune.

Where do you think Saul, Brody and Carrie’s loyalties will lie in season three?

Homeland season three premieres Sunday, September 29th at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.

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