Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 11 “Tipping Point”

Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 11 Tipping Point (7)
Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 11 “Tipping Point” airs Thursday August 22, 2013 at 9 pm on USA.

Episode Synopsis: Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 11 “Tipping Point”- As Michael becomes ever more conflicted with his mission, he travels to Mexico with Sonya in order to help James with an important job. Anxious to finish the operation, Strong hires freelance mercenaries to extract James on site… but brings along an unexpected guest.

Show Summary: The adrenaline-charged seventh season of “Burn Notice” will keep hearts racing as viewers uncover the details of the mysterious deal that fans’ favorite renegade spy, Michael Westen (Donovan) struck in the season six finale. Michael’s past and present collide as he tries to rebuild relationships with his family and friends while pursuing a dangerous mission involving the CIA and a lethal network of operatives. Recurring guest stars this season include Jack Coleman (“Heroes”), Adrian Pasdar (“Political Animals”) and Stephen Martines (“The Closer”).

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  • Lee Pair

    I enjoyed your writeup. And the photos. Maybe it’s time for the ending. It has been a good show.

  • Doctor_Christopher

    After tonight just two episodes left so yes it’s time for an end. This has been the best show ever to be developed on USA (with other winners like White Collar) in the stable. Tonight we got to see why for an overall moral man like Westen is a great agent but why the amoral nature of the people who have tried to run him over most of the 7 season made Michael a natural fit for what was his weekly jobs over the years. Killing Simon I think was the final act of his life as an agent. Now we have two episodes to see if he and the best ensemble cast on tv gets to have a life at all.