6 New Fall and Midseason Shows That I’ll Be Watching

We Are Men, The Crazy Ones, The Blacklist, Enlisted, Mind Games, Lucky 7

Last week I presented a list of new sci-fi and fantasy shows that I will be watching this fall. Even though I am a geek, I am not totally single minded in my viewing habits, and would now like to discuss some other shows that do not fit the sci-fi and fantasy category but which I find interesting nonetheless!

As in last week’s article, my sole source of information on these shows is the description provided by the network, and the trailers. I have not seen the pilot episode of any of them, so my opinion may change once I have seen the premiere. I am very hopeful, however, that my first impression of these shows is correct and that they will be added to my list of favorite shows!

Mind Games – ABC (Midseason – TBA)

Steve Zahn and Christian Slater - Mind Games

Mind Games features Christian Slater and Steve Zahn as two brothers who manipulate people. Christian plays a con man, and Steve is an expert in the psychology of human behavior, but suffers from bipolar disorder. They form an agency that helps its clients by combining psychological manipulation with motivation in order to accomplish their task. A good way of explaining this is to use the quote from the trailer, “like Jedi mind tricks!”

I am finding that I really enjoy programs with characters that think outside the box but have hearts of gold and help people. Franklin and Bash comes to mind as a perfect example of this! Mind Games seems to have that same style of being quirky and outrageous, but at the same time helping people, that appeals to me.

I loved Christian in Breaking In and was very sad when that show was canceled for the second time after Fox resurrected it. I hope that ABC is a little slower on the cancellation button, but past experience does not give me confidence.

Enlisted – Fox (November 8)

The Hill Brothers - Enlisted

When I am looking for new shows to watch, I consider the premise of the program, but also the stars. Geoff Stults, one of the stars of this program, played Walter Sherman on the canceled-way-too-soon program The Finder. I really like Geoff and his comic sensibilities and am happy to see him back on my TV screen!

In this comedy, Geoff plays an Army Sergeant who has just returned from Afghanistan. He ends up in charge of a unit of misfits, including his two younger brothers. I found myself laughing while watching the trailer because of the outrageous antics and I hope that the series will provide many laughs.

We Are Men – CBS (September 30)

Carter, Frank, Gil and Stuart - We Are Men

Another comedy, We Are Men features Kal Penn, Jerry O’Connell and Tony Shalhoub. These three men take a new resident of their short term apartment complex under their wings after he is jilted at the altar. The three have also had relationship failures, and together they try navigating the world of dating and romance.

This program won’t solve world hunger, but will be perfect light entertainment when I need a break from the heavy dramas I also enjoy.

Lucky 7 – ABC (September 24)

Lucky 7 - Cast

Lucky 7 surprised me. I was sure when I first saw it advertised that I would not like it. In fact, at first I thought it was a Reality program, and I never watch Reality TV. But, I have to admit that once I saw the trailer I was intrigued.

Seriously, who has not thought about what they would do if they hit a big lottery win? And, who has not thought about the unintended consequences of such a win? I am looking forward to what I hope will be a good mix of drama and light-hearted moments.

The Crazy Ones – CBS (September 26)

Simon and Sydney Roberts - The Crazy Ones

I love Robin Williams, and in this comedy series, he plays the eccentric and unpredictable head of an advertising agency. Working with him is his Type A daughter. This seems like a fun way for Robin to be set loose and I expect that the dialogue will stray from what is scripted knowing how he likes to improvise!

When I watched the trailer, I really enjoyed Sara Michelle Geller’s straight woman to Robin’s hilarity and their on screen chemistry was great! The rest of the cast also worked very well to make this a great ensemble.

The Blacklist – NBC (September 23)

Keen and Reddington - The Blacklist

In this drama, one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives walks into FBI headquarters and surrenders. He then proceeds to offer his help to the bureau in finding a sought-after terrorist. However, he places a condition on his assistance – he will only talk to a rookie FBI profiler. She is mystified about why he chose her, but at the same time, when he provides them with information about a kidnapping that despite their efforts to prevent happens anyway, they end up forced to work together.

I have never seen The Silence of the Lambs, but I must admit this program makes me think of that premise, so I was not expecting to like it. However, the trailer really grabbed me, so call me intrigued.


There are actually more than 50 new series hitting the airwaves this fall and winter (midseason), so it will be a busy time until the axe starts falling. Which new shows will you be trying out? Let me know what you think of my list and what you would remove or add in the comments section below!