Devious Maids Season 1 Review “Scrambling the Eggs”

A few weeks back I lamented the balance of drama and comedy being a bit off on “Devious Maids” before the show managed a return to form shortly thereafter. This week, the balance was a bit too slanted in favor of the drama once again, but for some reason it didn’t bother me as much this time around in the latest episode, “Scrambling the Eggs.”

I think a big part of that is that we’ve really gotten to know most of these characters better over the last few weeks, and that can make a huge difference. For instance, we don’t know all that much about Peri beyond her being actively bitchy and annoying, so it’s no great loss her not being on the show much lately; whereas the fact that we’ve gotten to know more about Evelyn lately made her much more sympathetic in this episode, where she wouldn’t really have been very relatable before.

The scenario with Evelyn wanting to spend time with the baby was kind of touching, and the fact that she was willing to blackmail Rosie to maintain that tenuous relationship with the child was oddly understandable, given her past situation with losing her own child. It also led to an unexpected moment between her and her husband, Adrian, which I wasn’t sure what to make of, but was still interesting regardless.

Was Adrian genuinely comforting her and learning to love his wife again, or was he simply placating her in order to take advantage of the situation himself? The look he gave Rosie at the end of the show would seem to indicate the latter, but it was still a nice moment, and though dramatic, meant that much more because of the stuff that went down a few episodes back, where we got the skinny on the reasons why Adrian and Evelyn’s marriage is such a train wreck.

Ditto the stuff with Carmen and Odessa, which nicely paid off the revelations last week when we discovered the latter had cancer, and it brought the two women closer in the process. This time around, it brought Odessa and Alejandro closer together as well after a fashion, and the end result was one of the most genuinely tender moments on the show thus far, when he went to visit her in the hospital and played music for her. That was awfully sweet, and the look on Odessa’s face said it all without overplaying the drama in a contrived way.

In short, the show earned its drama this time around, so it didn’t stick out nearly as much as in the past and read more as maudlin and melodramatic. In other words, it wasn’t typical Lifetime over-the-top, tear-jerker material, but actually managed to be- gasp!-kind of subtle. Can you really ask for much more on a show like this?

In the Flora department, we got a bit more tidbits of info. We learned that Michael knows who the person Flora was trying to blackmail before her death was- aka the man who allegedly raped her. We also learned that the person whose baby she was carrying was close to the man in question, and that the former person would be very upset to hear about that situation. However, Michael also noted that the alleged rapist was also a vicious person, and quite capable of murder and wouldn’t take kindly to her demands for more money and blackmail threats, so either could be the killer.

Further, we met Flora’s cousin, who didn’t seem too thrilled with his relative either, and threatened Marisol when she tried to talk to Flora’s grandmother. Later on, she was able to sneak in and talk to her, but about all she got out of her was that the baby belonged to a friend of her son’s, or so she said. Was this the friend that Flora was blackmailing? Was the baby his or Marisol’s son’s? To be fair, she was a bit loopy and thought Marisol was Flora herself, so the information may not be entirely reliable.

Beyond that, we had some more drama with Genevieve and Alfred, who ultimately broke up after both took a stab at trying to get Valentina to donate some eggs to use to provide him with a child. Zoila said no, but Valentina said yes before her mother finally talked her out of it. Zoila also told G. about Remi, and she went off to visit him, while Zoila offered to hawk the ring G. gave her in order to finance Valentina’s college tuition, which was the reason she said yes in the first place. Um, wow. Can you say #richpeopleproblems?

That was about it, save Evelyn finding out about Rosie’s dalliance with Spence. Adrian managed to quash that fire, but now Rosie “owes him one”- whatever that might mean. God only knows. Rosie also broke it off for the time being with Spence, wanting to give Peri the benefit of the doubt after her seeming turnaround recently. We’ll see how long that lasts, though. I’m not sure if she’s really capable of turning that wacko car around. A leopard doesn’t change its spots, you know? But we’ll see soon enough, I guess.

What did you think of “Devious Maids” this week? Did you like the mix of drama and comedy this time around better than the last time? Or was it still a bit too drama-heavy for your tastes? Any ideas as to who Flora’s killer is yet? Sound off below in the comments section!