Graceland Season 1 “Smoke Alarm” Review

Graceland Episode 9 Smoke Alarm (4)

“Sometimes it’s good to keep secrets.”

Paige’s observation in the opening moments of last night’s episode of Graceland were quite appropriate for the series in which undercover agents keep secrets in the course of doing their job and apparently keep secrets from each other. Indeed, Mike might still be with Abby had he been a little better at keeping secrets, but the sentiment is applicable to both the personal and professional lives of the Graceland residents.

Secrets continue to be integral to Mike’s development as a rookie agent, to Briggs’ development as a character on this show and to the reason Mike was placed at Graceland for his first assignment.

Mike, like many of us at home, began to wonder why the agency hasn’t made a move against Bello yet. It looks like there’s plenty of evidence to put the drug kingpin away for awhile, but the agents and Briggs have been working at cross purposes here. For Briggs, the investigation into Bello was a path towards getting revenge against Jangles. Or as Briggs aptly observed, “sometimes it’s all about using one monster to get the others.”

It also appears that Mike and his handler, Juan, just might be working at cross purposes as well. Juan finally revealed to Mike that before Graceland, there was the Estate – another housing compound with agents. Briggs was a resident agent at the Estate. According to Juan, Briggs went on vacation on July 3 and on July 20, the entire house burned down – along with the agents in side. Briggs was the only remaining agent from the house, as he did not return from vacation until July 25.

The fire was determined to be caused by an electrical issue, but Juan is not convinced. Juan also mentioned that Briggs was in a relationship with one of the agents that died in the house. I couldn’t help but wonder if Juan is motivated by feelings he too may have had for that agent instead of the justice he says he seeks.

One thing is clear, Juan is desperate for anything that would confirm his suspicions and that proved very risky for him on last night’s episode. Charlie also made very questionable choices that will likely put her in a dangerous situation as well. Long story short – Charlie is suspicious of Briggs and unknowingly accepted help from a Mexican cop who it turns out is actually Jangles. Juan decided to disguise himself and pose as Jangles and ended up being shot by a drunken Briggs. Oh yeah, Mike was stabbed in the midst of all this secretive, ill-advised behavior.

Once again, Graceland ups the stakes and continues to shock. Despite the shocking turn of events for Charlie and Juan, I was struck most by Briggs choosing to stay behind with a wounded Mike instead of pursuing Jangles. Very interesting. At this point, there’s way too much going on for me to speculate about what happens next. I’m excited about the next episode, but I worry that this game of gotcha being played by Charlie, Briggs and Juan will get more people hurt or even killed.

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