Royal Pains Season 5 Review “Pins and Needles” – Confronting the Truth

Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 9 Pins and Needles (2)

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “Pins and Needles,” Hank is forced to confront the one thing he hasn’t wanted to acknowledge since his surgery, while Evan inadvertently causes his wife to feel jealousy.

Well, I feel like we’ve been waiting for it all season and finally we’re (hopefully) getting into the nitty gritty of Hank’s addition. Just as Jeremiah noted, Hank said and did all the things that an addict would say and do, but Hank of course didn’t want to acknowledge that it was actually happening to him. Hank has had a lot of challenges since his injury and surgery and I think all of them stem from the fact that he’s always felt that he had to be the strong one. First it was as a kid when he had to take care of his dying mother and little brother, then as an adult who became a doctor and had to take care of his patients. I think that Hank getting injured scared him in more ways than one and having to feel weak wasn’t something he liked. If he is weak, then who will take care of everyone? So Hank taking more painkillers – and refusing to take the meds that might make him dopey and unable to practice medicine – made perfect sense.

This is another one of those episodes where I really loved Jeremiah. I may not be a huge fan (yet) of him getting together with Divya, but I have always liked him and I thought the way he handled Hank was perfect. Hank was teetering on the edge and if Jeremiah had pushed too hard, he might have made Hank back further into a shell of denial. Instead, Jeremiah was able to stand up to Hank and refused to give him more meds, while simultaneously easing him into the mindset of being ready to look at how to fix the situation. Am I sure that it will be fixed that easily? No way. But I’m interested to see how they get through it together.

Evan and Divya had what would have been a fun story if not for Paige seeing something that I truly don’t think was there. Sure, Evan once had a crush on Divya and made that ridiculously clear in at least the first season, but that was a long time ago. Hasn’t Paige seen how close Evan and Divya (and Hank, too) are? Can she really not see it as the brothers/sister relationship that it has become? I felt bad that she kept getting hurt by misinterpreting Evan and Divya’s behavior and I hope that resolves for her soon.

As for Boris, I thought it was interesting that they took the story of Milos and turned it into Boris fearing that he’s going to die by his family’s mysterious disease again. I actually thought that Hank proved that the “disease” was, in fact, poison so I was surprised to hear Boris talk about it any other way. I kind of wish that we could move on from it though, as it’s starting to feel a bit old now. I did love Boris telling Milos the story again. It was a great moment and I felt like he needed to tell it again so that he could believe it himself.

My favorite bits…

“What about whales? Are you anti-mammal?”

Divya and Hank debating if they wanted to ask Evan what was up when he kept looking at his tweets.

Evan trying to help Ally and succeeding in only making things worse. Oops.

Boris realizing that Milos wasn’t going to apologize because he wasn’t lucid.

Jeremiah pointing out to Hank that saying “I’m in control” is exactly what an addict would say.

Divya giving Evan a run for his money at the mock debate.

“None of us gets to choose how we die, only how we live.”

Thinking that Felix’s dream was very creepy.

Hank staring down that bottle and cracking the pill in half. Wow.

Evan at something called the Red Hat Society.

Nearly losing it when Hank jumped into traffic to go after Felix.

Cringing at the roadside eye surgery. Good job, Hank and Jeremiah!

“I’m trying to give you a pep talk!”
“So far it sucks.”

Evan realizing how he was going to take Blythe (and Bowman) down.

Boris going into Milo’s room to tell him the story of St. Germaine.

Jeremiah offering to help Hank with his pain.

Hank finally confronting his addiction.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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