Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “The Merrymakers”

Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 19 What Goes Up Must Come Down (4)

We’re nearing the big day, and Toby and Nikki’s relationship finally gets some time in the spotlight on this week’s Switched at Birth, with bachelor and bachelorette parties happening simultaneously. Meanwhile, Daphne’s situation with Coto takes a turn for the worse when she divulges her secrets to the wrong person, no one thinks the wedding is a good idea, and Bay goes to her dad for help preventing Ty’s redeployment.

Starting with Bay and Ty’s flatlining relationship, I thought the storyline came out very good for John. After his daughter lashed out over his hesitation, he proved her wrong by going to talk to Ty face to face. Once he’d done that, it was clear that Ty would actually prefer to go through with his commitment, but he didn’t want to disappoint Bay in the process. So John took the flak instead, telling her his efforts hadn’t done the trick.

Even if it means losing Ty next week, I like the way it’s been dealt with. Along with Anna-Beth’s point about her brother, it’s yet another issue Switched at Birth has handled sensitively and fairly. Speaking of Anna-Beth, her and Travis are adorable, aren’t they? I’ve wanted Travis to be happy for two seasons now, and I’m really rooting for them to build a more functional relationship than their friends have managed to.

Daphne, meanwhile, is just digging herself in deeper and deeper and, if the promo for next week’s finale is anything to go by, she’ll have some explaining to do when it all comes out. Whether Jace will take any or all of the blame for blackmailing Coto remains to be seen, but telling Nikki probably wasn’t the smartest thing for Daphne to do. She would have gotten away with it if Nikki hadn’t made that phone call, but now Coto’s readying his Cuban missiles (best threat ever!).

I’d still be surprised if Toby and Nikki’s wedding goes ahead at all next week, despite the good note they left things on at the end of the night. Toby’s bachelor party went even worse than Daphne and Bay’s celebration, fueled by Simone’s phone call about her Chlamydia diagnosis, and he and Emmett (now his best man instead of Wilke) spend the night in a free clinic. If the nuptials do indeed happen next week, the happy couple may have to hold off on their wedded bliss for a while.

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