Graceland Season 1 “Bagman” Review

Graceland Episode 8 Bag Man (2)

What gives, Graceland? Is Briggs really breaking bad? Previously on Graceland, the episode concluded with either: (1) the revelation of Briggs as a drug dealer by the name of Odin or (2) Briggs thinking on his feet and calling an audible when the real Odin didn’t show up for the meeting with Bello. If you suspected the former heading into this week’s episode, I’d say your hunch was pretty accurate.

Whatever Briggs endgame is, there is no doubt that the man is quick on his feet and for the moment, he seems to have a pretty good headstart on the rookie sent to the Graceland team to investigate him. In this week’s episode, Bello demanded another meeting with Odin. Thanks to a dressing room, a secret passageway and a backroom, Bellow was able to evade the Graceland team tracking him. Briggs found himself *this close* to being caught and quickly found a way out of his pickle of a situation by attacking Mike from behind and putting a pretty mean sleeper hold on him. Briggs fired off a bullet in a random direction and when Johnny and Charlie arrived, he pretended as though he too had just arrived on the scene and helped wake Mike up. Nice job at pretending you weren’t the guy that just strangled your colleague to the point of unconsciousness, Briggs.

Mike isn’t anywhere near the Briggs’ point of playing fast and loose with the rules, but he definitely showed some compromised judgment by bringing Abby back to his room. Isn’t it against Graceland rules to have guests past the second floor? Just saying?

I’m sure Mike realized that bringing Abby to his room wasn’t the best idea when he had to use a sweater to hide his gun. To make things worse, Abby then spotted Paige with a gun. Nice going, Mike. In a moment straight out of Murphy’s Law, Abby found Mike’s gun after he and Paige had just managed to explain Paige’s gun. Honestly, I don’t think this show needs a relationship and Mike has plenty to deal with in his covert, professional life. He really doesn’t need the distractions of a relationship, so I hope this is the end of Abby.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Graceland? Can Briggs really continue to keep his double life a secret? It looks like at least Charlie may have some suspicions about Briggs. I’m still not convinced that Briggs is the bad guy here, but maybe I’m blinded by the beauty of Daniel Sunjata. Maybe this is all part of a larger play to root out Jangles. Will the writers ever figure out what to do with Paige and DJ? Sound off below!