5 Whiplash Moments in Falling Skies Season 3

Alexis, Lourdes, Maggie and Hal, Tom, Cochise - Falling Skies

Falling Skies just wrapped its third season this past Sunday. As I watched the finale, I was struck by the number of times something totally unexpected and seemingly out of the blue happened. I’m calling these whiplash moments. These moments were not exclusive to the finale, and I have added in one from earlier in the season, but in my opinion, the finale was chock full. so, let’s begin!

The Volm

Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 10 Brazil (3)

One of the most hotly debated questions all season was whether the Volm could be trusted. I held out hope for them being trustworthy, while admitting I would likely be the first to be eaten in the event of an alien invasion since I tend to trust too easily.

Well, we got a partial answer in one of the whiplash moments during the finale where we learn the Volm plan to relocate us to South America while they mop up the war. Not exactly evil, since when we find out their motivations, it turns out to be a procedure they used on other planets to keep the indigenous population safe. Apparently we are the first planet with a population that wants to fight for their home planet. Go figure!

The Volm, for their part, do not want to fight alongside us. In my opinion, they likely see us as more of a hindrance to the fight, in a similar way to how we would view having people with lesser fighting skills helping out. That might be more dangerous to the effort than actually helpful. The fact that they let us go, to what they think will be our ultimate demise anyway, was yet another surprise in an episode full of surprises.


Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 10 Brazil (1)

I get it. Tom was a man on a mission, and that mission was a single-minded purpose of killing Karen. He thought she had killed his wife and new born daughter, so who would not want vengeance in that case? In this new reality of a war torn world, justice is not a luxury you can count on, so payback is all he had left.

Thus, when they lured Karen in by using Lourdes, I thought at first maybe Tom might listen to Karen, since she wanted to talk about the Volm and brought Tom a gift. Well, watch out, Tom had a gift too. a nice round from his rifle with her name on it! Frankly, though, it did not make sense, except that the writers had other ideas, that after the fight Tom did not finish the job, since he hit Karen in a non-vital area.

Maggie and Hal

Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 10 Brazil (13)

They spent the season building up this couple, and drawing us in with their loyalty to each other, despite the terrible things that happened to Hal and the terrible things he did. Maggie stood by him, and continued to stand by him, to me a sign of real love.

I guess that was too boring, because the final episode spent a considerable amount of time and effort yanking them apart. From the conversation about what each one viewed as an appropriate way to move on with life after the war, to the shocking moment when Maggie put two more bullets in a dying Karen, it seemed that these two suddenly had nothing in common anymore.


Alexis - Falling Skies

In a not so terribly startling turn of events, Anne and Alexis are alive and Alexis has aged rapidly. I think that shows age babies quickly for two reasons. One, they are hard to work with due to the child labor laws, which are particularly strict for babies. And of course, two, babies, even super half alien babies, can’t really do that much. Now a child, well, that is a whole different story. Alexis can now talk and walk without expensive CGI.

But, her rapid aging is not the whiplash moment I want to talk about. No, what I want to discuss is what happened at the very end of the episode. Throughout the entire episode, I was thinking, ok, why have they not taken the bugs out of Lourdes? I mean, my gosh, she was clearly suffering. Then I understood that she was being used as bait – twice in one episode! – and it made sense.

However, after they started talking about putting her out of her misery and Hal promised to get the bugs out, still there was no conversation with the Volm to get some more of their bug removal tools to help her. Why? Well, in another whiplash moment we found out, as Alexis seems to be able to command and ultimately destroy the bugs. She removed them from Lourdes and turned them to silver dust.


Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 10 Brazil (7)

One whiplash moment from earlier in the season – although it was the back half of the season – was the revelation that Lourdes was the second mole. When she blew the president away with an ice cold demeanor, well, most of us did not see that one coming! Then she started blowing up stuff and wow, you knew her comeuppance would be harsh!

The fact that, as I mentioned earlier, she was being used as bait not once but twice in the season finale completed the shock of what had happened to her, including the excruciating pain she was feeling. I really was feeling bad for her!


Did I miss any of your favorite whiplash moments? Please be sure to add them to my list in the comments section below. Also let me know what you think of the ones I have listed!