True Blood Season 6 Review “Dead Meat”

Once again, I’m going to take the compliment sandwich approach to watching and reviewing this week’s episode of True Blood.

Layer 1 – What I Liked

Welcome back, Alcide! You are officially off of my “you’re officially dead to me” list of True Blood characters. As you aptly noted, the pack life is not for you. It makes you irrational and douchey and it forces me to have to waste precious viewing time on those silly women in your life.

Words cannot express the level of joy I felt at watching him toss Rikki around like a rag doll. Disclaimer: I am not an advocate of domestic violence, but Rikki’s beat down seemed to be appropriate within the pack culture. I remember a time long ago when I thought Rikki was a nice break from Debbie Pelt. Hmph.

My only criticism of the scene was that Nicole walked away from it alive. That, however, was not Alcide’s fault. The image of Sam and Alcide taking shots in Merlotte’s and drinking away their troubles felt like old times – in a good way. Speaking of Sam . . .

Layer 2 – The Criticism

Nicole is alive and pregnant and I’m not happy about it. I wanted to Nicole to hop on a plane with her mother, never to return to Bon Temps or this show. Sam, who was reminded by Sookie that he just lost Luna like last week, caught the scent of Nicole’s condition. Always the lovestruck idiot, Sam pledges his love for Nicole and asks her to stay. I roll my eyes – again. For what it’s worth, I don’t think the baby is Sam’s. I just really need Nicole gone from the show by the end of this sentence season.

I’d also like to put Sarah Newlin on a rocket to the sun. I expect a bit of camp on True Blood, but watching that big-haired nitwit thank Jesus after she murdered the True Blood company rep was over the top and didn’t work for me. The return of Sarah has also resulted in the destruction of all the interesting character development for Steve Newlin last season. At this point, he can board that rocket to the sun along with his ex-wife.

While on the topic of ruined characters, what on Eartha Kitt was going on with Sookie Stackhouse? I’ve enjoyed Sookie this season. She’s been more independent and self-assured. She’s also managed to notice that Niall is missing and has a legitimate concern about Jason’s well-being. Self-absorbed, head over heels in love Sookie of past seasons would have been missing in action while Jason got raped by were-panthers or caught up in a cult or in some other dangerous situation.

I was frustrated last week with the writers’ decision to have Sookie cast aside all of her Benarlow suspicions and sleep with him, but I was willing to look past that because she’s been so good this season and well, Benarlow is hot. The writers tested my patience again this week with Sookie’s poorly timed, random declaration of “I thought we’d end up together” to Sam. Really? Where did that come from? I understand that the prospect of becoming Benarlow’s vampire bride was overwhelming, but it doesn’t make Sookie’s unexpected proclamation okay. The one bright side to the moment was that it provided a much-needed transition away from the stupid Sam/Nicole nonsense.

Okay, I’ll admit that I did get a good chuckle from Nicole’s mother calling Sam the silver fox. She may stay, but her daughter must go.

Layer 3 – Other Bits I Liked

I don’t know what’s going on with Jason’s Level 1 vampire lady, but she’s not Nicole or Rikki so I liked the scene by default. In a perfect world, she would lend a hand to Pam and the rest of the vamps to take over that prison camp.

The opening scene of the episode made me realize how much I loved a good pissing match between Bill and Eric. Billith may have won the battle of the snark, but Eric made moves to win the war by sucking up a lot of day walking ability and setting out to destroy the vamp camp. Go Eric!

What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? Sound off below.

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