Sandrine’s Review: Falling Skies “Brazil” (Season 3 Episode 10)

falling skies s3e10 review Brazil

It has all come down to this! Falling Skies‘ season 3 finale episode “Brazil” answered quite a few questions we had throughout the season including did the Volm weapon work? Are Anne and Alexis really dead? Are the Volms really our friends? And we even got answers for things we didn’t expect. Overall, it was a great ending to a great season.

And as my final video review for the season I also had quite a few things to share, as well as some thoughts for Season 4 (the show has been officially renewed in case you didn’t know).

I’m excited to hear your thoughts on the episode, as well as some of your hopes for Season 4 so make sure to leave a comment below or on YouTube.

You can also find all our Falling Skies reviews here (including written ones).

Enjoy this last review and thank so much for watching!

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