Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Time”


Warning:This review is for the season finale, which has aired in Canada. If you are watching in the US or UK, major spoilers lie ahead.

Does anyone else feel like their head’s about to explode? If this season of Continuum hasn’t already been confusing enough, the season finale, ‘Second Time’, throws even more characters and situations in to mess with us. It was an episode that had a lot to get through and only just about managed it – with Kiera and the bulk of Liber8 ending up where we saw them in the opening to season two’s very first episode. But where’s Alec sent himself to? And will Carlos go over to the dark side?

As much as I’ve complained about the amount of stuff we’ve had to keep track of this year, I’m aware that a science-fiction series that makes its audience sit up and think is something to be celebrated. I feel more attached to the show and its characters because of the little bit of effort it takes to understand everything, and it’s a power that other throwaway, popcorn shows just don’t have. Anyway, as well as shifting the pieces around the board a little, this finale did clear up a few things.

The freelancers are protecting the anomalies in time that Kiera, Alec, Jason and Liber8 have created over the past two seasons. They’re getting pretty cheesed off with all of the overtime they must be clocking in so, when it becomes clear Kiera has found a way home with the device reassembled, they arrive to stop the trip from taking place. Our lead freelancer is only in 2013 at all because he interrupted the original event in 2077, and it’s revealed that Jason was also sent back at the same time as Kiera and Liber8. But he isn’t Alec’s father – he’s his son. Esher is Alec’s father, and he appears to originate from the present. Got all that?!?

Kiera’s intention of returning to her original time provides a nice excuse for emotional farewells and no one filing a missing-persons report. Those of you who’ve read all of my reviews will know that I’m a massive fan of Kiera and Carlos’ friendship, so I was glad that they got their sweet moment in the middle of the episode. Hopefully they’ll be reunited next year, but now Carlos is on the run and bunking with Julian (and Betty for that matter) it’s going to be a very different show. Does this mean that we’re done with the police procedural element of the show? It looks that way, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In yet another parallel to the beginning of the season, Travis is the one to bite the dust. Instead of being gunned down by his girlfriend, however, it’s Kiera that manages to kill him despite his snazzy new CMR suit. It’s a bittersweet moment given that Travis has become more than just an interchangeable villain this year, but it will give Sonya another reason to hate Kiera when they resume their ongoing war. But let’s face it, the biggest cliffhanger lies with Alec, as he now resides in an undisclosed point in time. Will the freelancers catch up to him before he changes anything significant?

The second season of Continuum has been a big step up from the first in terms of confidence and overall quality, and it really is like no other show on television right now. The test of a good finale is whether you can wait to see what happens, and I’m pretty eager to find out how our heroes and villains are going to get out of their respective messes.

What did you think of the episode? Will you be coming back for a third helping next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Kris

    I’m not sure that Travis is dead, you see him in a tank with some kind of respirator in that room they are holding all the time travelers.

    • Kevin

      Exactly! I thought I saw everyone from Kierra’s timeline in custody.

    • Saad Ansari

      Also that liber8 guy from season 1 , he’s also alive.

  • Kevin

    I have been waiting to read your take since I watched the finale last night! I really enjoyed all the plot twist, even if it stretched my “suspension of disbelief” meter to the breaking point. Why did it take so long for us to find out that the free lancers consider themselves the guardians of the timeline? Why did they need to kill Gardner? Why was Sonia sitting around like she was watching MMA deathmatch, when she could have used the distraction to further her cause? All these questions lead to one conclusion: season 3 can’t get here fast enough!

  • injiktoplqkto

    Alec was accusing Kiera of being self and yet was doing the same thing (selfishness) at the end.

  • injiktoplqkto

    Dear Alec
    you are accusing Kiera of being selfish and yet you ARE being selfish at the end.
    Very important lesson – we are all selfish, if we weren’t we would start committing suicide. Selfishness is a vice only when you do not care at all about other people’s feelings.

    • Peter

      Alec pretended to call Kiera selfish in front of Esher. He spoke with her secretly just after that apologising.

  • GriffinAldjoy73

    Travis likely isn’t dead…as Kris stated.

    Escher does not originate from the present as the article suggests. He clearly has the tattoos on his knuckles which is shown during the episode, and that he “was” a freelancer who broke off from the group and went his own way. Which sets up a strange loop, because the freelancers are going back in time from the future’s future to fix problems in time, yet it is an ex-freelancer who created a large problem to begin with by going rogue and creating Alec in the first place. Paradox within a paradox…

    • But none of them have their Uniforms now. Keira is now weak I suppose.

  • Derek

    This is (at least) the “second time” these events happened.

    Kiera woke up from a strange dream in 2077 and said she felt that she lost some memory. And the “dream” happened at the last moment of the season finale, suggesting Kiera will somehow time-jump to year 2077 to become a protector. I suspect that it will be revealed how Kiera gets to 2077 in season 3, and some events will actually happen in 2077 and not just in flashbacks.

    This show has put out many threads and it is not easy to piece them together. I am still not clear about Alec’s intentions. He wants to change something, but what? It seems that Alec decided to send Kiera back after learning that she may dig up more about their “plan”, whatever that is.

    And what’s up with Curtis Chan? Is he an under cover agent for the freelancers? Was he killed by Kiera or not? Is the Curtis we saw at the last scene the same one Kiera “killed” or another one from the future, i.e. “second time”? Personally I feel Curtis is an unnecessary addition to an already over-complicated plot.

    • Hunter19b4

      It seemed like Alec’s intentions were to go back in time to save
      Emily (possibly to prevent her from ever joining his father, would be my

      • Saad Ansari

        Yeah I don’t think Alec was united with Escher, he basically lied again to distract everyone so he could grab the orb and time jump since he’s so desperate to get Emily back. Hopefully he succeeds, but anything could happen

        • Hunter19b4

          Yeah, well I meant that Emily was united with Escher (she was spying on Alec for him).

          What’s interesting though is when will he be jumping back into time. If he is trying to save Emily, I’m not sure how that will happen. It seems like they are around the same age… so any time he jumps back to, means that he will exist in that time field already. Aren’t the rules of time travel that two of the same people can’t exist in the same time. hrmm, well I guess that doesn’t explain how old Julian meets young Julian… Nevermind!

  • Bart

    You guys seems to be missing some things. Alec went back in time to save his loved one (GF). He said that before jumping in” I have to save her”. Question is how come the asian character (former liber8) is still alive when he was killed by Kierra. And why is he a freelancer. He will playing an important role in next season given last scene. Perhaps he will help them escape. Also I bet Alec will change things so that it won’t happen. He now has the device and knowledge. He just needs source of energy and he can jump again. You could see a grin on Ashers face when Alec jumped in. Another question is what time Alec jumped in. Can’t wait the whole year. Damnit

    • Saad Ansari

      Oh damn, Escher probably set the time period and has some agenda behind that.

    • osofine

      It’s all very confusing, but your post got me thinking…. Doesn’t it seem likely that the Freelancers should have time-travel capability if their mission is “to protect the timeline”? I mean, how can their be a “time cop” organization without the means to time travel? I think that by faking his death in order to break away from the Freelancers, Escher (not “Asher”, btw, he named himself after the famous artist known for drawing of impossible objects… check out M.C. Escher’s work and you’ll see why it’s an apt nom de guerre) lost access to their time-travel device, which is why he wants to aquire the one that brought Kiera and everyone else back. If the Freelancers have time travel, then they could go to before Travis, the asian guy (must look his name!), and everyone else that they have in that prison at the end and grabbed them either right before they died or right after if they have the medical technology to repair their injuries (it looked like Travis was in some sort of suspension unit, for example… they might be healing him). We have no idea *when* everyone is locked up in those boxes in that room. It could be thousands of years in the past or the future – some era and timeline where human history is not going on and can’t be affected (that’s what I would do if it were my job to “preserve the timeline”, lol!). You are right that Escher seemed happy that Alec was going. We don’t know what he planned and it seems that perhaps he and Alec spoke about things (perhaps while Kiera was fighting Travis) that we didn’t hear. It’s also very possible that Escher thinks that Alec is doing something that he (Escher) wants him to do, but that Alec played him and is doing something else. The author of this article was presumptuous and probably wrong to state that Escher/Sadler Sr. is from our time. I wish the showrunners would do an interview and clear up some of the confusing things about this season and what is going on. I’m all for “shows that make the viewer think” but this season was kind of a mess. I hope TPTB realize that and learn from their mistakes and make season 3 better than this one was.

  • Hunter19b4

    That episode was pretty crazy! Finally, a good show on tv. Can’t wait to find out what happens with Carlos and crazy eyes Julian next season!

  • Langy

    I rather expect the next season to start off with Alec popping out of the time jump and creating a new timeline where he saves Emily and the events of this episode never happen (but most of the previous episode does, up until Emily dies). Then we follow that timestream, perhaps with some views from the alternate time stream that this episode shows. We’ll thus have *three* time streams to track – pre-jump 2077, the one created by the first jump back in time to 2012, and then the one created by Alec jumping from this episode.

    • David

      That would be awesome

    • guest2077

      Ah, you’re expecting him to save Emily, so now you know he won’t. Since when has the plot ever progressed in an expected way?

      I will be disappointed if he saves Emily. Alec said “I have to save her”, but he could have been talking about saving his mother from being shot. He could be going back in time to try to save a person that hasn’t been introduced in the story line yet.

      Emily deserved to be killed anyways.

  • Now THAT was a finale!
    Cannot wait for Season 3.

  • Tom

    No one mentioned what the Freelancers said at the end, “Alec isn’t a problem anymore in this timeline,” hence there are multiple dimensions in time being traveled. That would explain the Asian guy being alive, He is just from a different dimension. Either there are multiple dimensions being traveled or each point in time is its own dimension. One of those is where this show is heading.

    • evilcalyptic

      no alec was a problem because he was an anomaly created my an EX-freelancer Escher mating with his mother when he wasn’t suppose to and creating alec, which altered the future creating one with alec and sadtech

  • Leave Comments

    I am such a huge sci fi/time travel fan that I have stuck with watching this show even though the first season was muddled and confusing and this one has been even harder to follow. I still want to stick with it. I do agree this year was better and I think we are finally getting to understand it more. And also there has not actually been any time travel, just the idea of it in the middle of everything. Looking forward to next season for more clarity I hope.

    • David

      Me too.
      But i assume you mean beside the execution room with everyone going back 65 years in the first episode and Alec going back in time to save his girlfriend

  • Eric

    Wow what cliff hanger!!

  • Eric

    Wow what a cliff hanger!

  • dave

    Hopefully Alec has jumped into an alternate dimension where kiera is always naked

  • dave

    Or Alec could have jumped back in time to 1985 to save the doc from the libyians and prevent marty from ever travelling back to 1955 forever making him biffs bitch

    • perhaps he could have time traveled back to 2004 and stopped Barack Obama from giving a speech at the DNC. That would have saved us a total mess in the US!

  • Karsus

    It sounded like Alec is now in an alternate timeline, separate from the current one (which now no longer has Alec).

    As for Esher… I’d doubt he’s from the present… he knows too much about what will be. He could’ve been recruited from any time.

    • That’s sort of thing makes you think. Its like saying the only reason the future is full of technology and time travel is because they took time travel back in time and gave it to them! LOL! SHESH that is confusing! Without a guy from the future Alec doesn’t exist at all in the future! That circular thinking is insane.

  • evilcalyptic

    Future 1: Alec wasn’t suppose to exist, Escher is from the future where alec and sadtech didn’t exit. he went to the past to protect the timeline and mated with alecs mother which created alec and a time anomaly. This created the 2077 with sadtech and the corporate congress.
    Future 2: The timeline was under control and in a loop where liber8 kept going to the past and the freelancers would contain the situation. Liber8 going back turns alec’s brother into thesius, creating liber8 in the first place. There is now a future in 2077 with a sadtech and alec. Alec in 2077 alters it by sending kira back in one of the cycles with information on how to fix the past to fix the future.
    Future 3: my speculation is that young alec went to the future in 2076-2077 and not to 2013 to save his GF. He told future Alec all the problems and how everything is bad with the corporate congress. Future Alec changes the timeline with this new information by uploading memories into kira’s head and sending her back with liber8 further altering the timeline and creating a 3rd future
    still some holes, but this should help

    • Evilcalyptic

      when alec left 2013 it fixed the original timeline…. but wherever he went to created the 3rd future which future 2’s 2077 alec had intended to happen

    • Ya think Keira waking up as if her memory was erased had to do with just that element you speak of? If Alec wasn’t supposed to exist maybe Keira woke to a new timeline and they were showing her getting a headache.

      IDK. The timeline aspect is insane.

  • Paul

    Alex may have gone back to the fire to save his mother. Escher mentioned it twice in the finale. Later opportunity to save his girlfriend would occur later.

  • lowie

    nobody mentioned the fact that the freelancer called Kiera a glitch both in 2013 and 2077, that going back in time wouldn’t change that fact. could it be because the 2077 kiera with the 2013 knowledge wouldn’t be the kiera that was supposed to be in 2077? or that kiera doesn’t belong to either of these timelines? Old Alec has a particular interest in her. we’ve been told that she was implanted with information for young alec. old alec has recollections of her and is playing with her memories. could she be intertwined with every possible timeline because she’s being toying around and has a specific purpose in each of them??? i just can’t wait to have more informations!

  • J

    I think the main thing to remember with this show is this: the plot is so early in development, there is no way to truly tell which side is good or bad. Throughout this entire season, all we see are the characters goals and intents, that makes good or bad truly relative— which makes this show one of the best I’ve seen. Each side really all have valid reasons for doing what they do, including being selfishly being one track minded. I’ve haven’t seen drama like this since BSG. However, the writers and cast balance out the drama with good acting and other genre elements —- keeping it fresh and the melodrama low! And I would like to say, I never saw that cliffhanger coming! I usually hate extremely dramatic cliffhangers, but I make an exception here because this show actually explained and revealed enough of the story to very effectively leave off the season at the right place. Literally, the way this shows is evolving, the seasons are like the chapters in a book and seem to be painstakingly created to truly tell a story with constantly developing characters. Btw: One prediction, either Alec or Julian or both together will lead to the eventual creation of the freelancers somehow, I’m leading more towards Julian, because of his adherence to his fathers words and believes that were touched upon in the first season. Also, how through his Liber8 experiences and maybe anything from his contact with Carlos may set Julian on the path to creating the circumstances, by which Freelancers are created.

    • If they cancel this show EVER before a good flowing end is written I will be pissed. I don’t invest time in lousy shows.

  • Peter

    A bit surprised the Caroline is calling Liber8 “the dark side”. Even in just this episode it was revealed Alec himself sent back liber8 to try correct the technological prison he had created. Libera8 are philosophically the ‘good guys’, its just their methods that make them repulsive.

  • Peter

    It seems Continuum is based on a parallel timelines. We’ve already seen that killing a time travellers Mum doesn’t make you disappear despite the obvious paradox). And the Asian guy in the last scene said Alex had gone into another timeline. So it seems Alex will go back down the timeline to a point just before his girl friend is killed. At that moment a new time branch will be created in one the original events happen and in the other Alex saves his girlfriend (or tries). Not sure how that plays out on TV though. Guess we will see.

  • Peter

    It seems Continuum is based on a parallel timelines. We’ve already seen that killing a time travellers Mum doesn’t make you disappear despite the obvious paradox). And the Asian guy in the last scene said Alex had gone into another timeline. So it seems Alex will go back down the timeline to a point just before his girl friend is killed. At that moment a new time branch will be created in one the original events happen and in the other Alex saves his girlfriend (or tries). Not sure how that plays out on TV though. Guess we will see.

  • David

    First time a cliffhanger was more intense than Lost. I literally cannot wait. I hope I can forget about this show for a year

  • Kevin M

    I’d just like to point this out: At the end of the season finale Alec says to Kiera, “I know, but I have to save her…” and then he ports himself. My guess is, he’s going back in time to prevent Emily from dying.

    • Like a week! lol, Or maybe a year. But you have to think, if he doesn’t go back to a time where Emily knows him then she wont like him!

      Also, I do NOT believe Esher is a good guy and has Alecs best interest.
      Why? Because he had Emily stealing from Alec! He wasn’t protecting Alec he was greedy! The only reason Alec found out anything is because he came into his office. I just don’t know if Esher is going to really end up being his father. Esher could have just spared Emily from doing this stealing from Alec and just told him who he was. But he didn’t. Something is up and Esher is evil!

  • There are now two timelines to follow. One is where everyone is in the cages, which are designed to prevent further time continuum anomalies, and the other is what happens when Alec saves Emily, which is a day before everything that happened in this episode, meaning much of it can be wiped from the storyline if they choose. Though more likely both will be followed for a while before they merge and correct themselves into a compromise.

    Seems to me that season 3 will be all about the consequences of messing with time travel, rather than about terrorism or Police procedure. It’ll be like season 4 of Fringe.

  • Layla

    Anyone else think Emily might be Jason’s mother? Or that this Curtis is a younger Curtis than dead Curtis?

  • Drew Carpenter

    The time paradox possibilities are endless; it is enough to send one’s head reeling. I love this show!

  • Bella

    will most likely see the third season.. One thing was very confusing, the ending where Kiera is in a sorta jail along with garza and liber8 I think, Is it a jail or a nut house. Kiera seems out of it. Is this another parallel timeline: