Watch BBC America’s ‘Broadchurch’ Premiere In Full Online Now

If you can’t wait until Wednesday to see the series British viewers have been raving about, BBC America has you covered. The network has released the season premiere of Broadchurch in full online (and you can watch the entire first episode embedded below).

Broadchurch is a mystery drama that begins with the haunting image of a young boy standing on a cliff, before cutting to a peaceful morning in his household as the family doesn’t realize their son is missing. The series stars two Doctor Who alums, David Tennant as the lead detective on the case and Arthur Darvill as a priest, while Olivia Colman (Rev) plays a detective fresh off of maternity leave who is passed over for a new position in favor of Tennant’s Detective Inspector Alec Hardy. They’ll be forced to worked together to solve the tragic case that fractures the close seaside community.

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Broadchurch premieres Wednesday, August 7th at 10/9c on BBC America.