Teen Wolf Season 3 So Far . . .

There are only three episodes left in the first half of Teen Wolf‘s third season and I’m simply not ready to let it go. Fortunately, fans will only have to wait until January 2014 for the second half of the season. As this first half winds down, let’s reflect on a few things that have made this season so great.


Sorry Allison/Scott ‘shippers, breaking this couple up was the best thing that could have happened for both characters. As the second season came to a close, the young Teen Wolf was still trying to figure his wolf life out, struggling with school yet still managing to be a pretty reliable friend and son – as long as he wasn’t hooking up with Allison. Anyone remember when Jackson broke out of the stolen police van while the two were getting hot and heavy in a car that was literally right beside the van?

Season 3 Scott is learning new vocabulary words, making easy work of his summer reading list, bringing his mom dinner at work, saving up for a cutie patootie of a motorbike and improving his ability to care for those he cares about. Beacon Hills is clearly built on a gateway to some supernatural world and in the midst of wolves, banshees, emissaries, Darachs and death, there simply isn’t a lot of time left to deal with the pangs of star-crossed lovers. I have truly enjoyed going through an episode without hearing that sappy piano music that plays when Scott looks longingly at Allison. Nope, don’t miss that at all.

I’m sure Allison and Scott will be together when the series ends and our favorite Beacon Hills residents ride off into the sunset and they will both be better for each other because of the development we’re currently witnessing. As for the other half of the forbidden pair . . .


It was really tough last season watching Allison become cold and distant from her friends and the one sane member of her family – her dad. Manipulated masterfully by her grandfather, Allison was living dangerously and way outside the Argent family code. After watching her mercilessly fill Boyd with arrows and stab Isaac, I was kinda over her. Had she died last season, I don’t think I would have missed her. Jeff Davis promised Teen Wolf fans a redemptive arc for the young hunter and he has delivered.

The turning point was definitely Allison discovering what crazy Victoria was trying to do the night Derek bit her. Instead of withdrawing more, Allison worked on repairing relationships with her friends and continuing to strengthen the bond with her dad. Sure, she tried keeping her nighttime activities with her friends a secret from her dad, but that is a way better covert activity than hanging out with bloodthirsty, psychopath Gerard. Like Scott, being single has made her better.


When I first began watching Teen Wolf, one of the first things that drew me in was the simplicity and sincerity of the friendship between Scott and Stiles. When this tale began, it was about two teens looking for a dead body because one of them has a voracious appetite for knowledge and is just relentlessly curious (and adorable). Soon thereafter, everything changed from Scott getting the bite to him falling in love for the first time. Although the friendship between Scott and Stiles has never waned, I really missed them doing fun, simple things together like playing lacrosse. I was encouraged when last season closed with just the two of them hanging out again.

Although they’ve definitely added a few great additions to their ranks, including Isaac, their friendship remains strong. They are more than friends, they are brothers and I loved that the Teen Wolf writers reinforced the importance of their relationship when Stiles talked Scott out of committing suicide. It would have been so easy for them to have Allison talk him out of it, but it had so much more meaning and importance with Stiles being that person. Loved that scene. Love them. For me, it is truly the only ‘ship that matters.


On Teen Wolf, our young characters often find themselves in very adult-like situations, including murder and highly dangerous, risky endeavors. Adding Melissa McCall to the adults with supernatural knowledge has created an interesting dynamic on the show. It’s nice to know that the wolves have someone looking out for them if they find themselves at the hospital trying to explain their miraculous healing ability, as well as when their friends end up there too. I’m sure Melissa moved up many people’s favorite character list when she saved Danny’s life.

Although he’s currently in the cross-hairs of the Darach, I’m optimistic that Sheriff Stilinski will make it out alive and I look forward to seeing how he approaches his work with this new information. He’s already great at solving mysteries with only half the information, so he should be unstoppable now. Maybe he can give Derek a day job.


From the moment Peter Hale nearly ripped her to shreds at the close of the first season of Teen Wolf, it looked like Lydia was destined to be either collateral damage or a pawn in the world of the supernatural in Beacon Hills. Thanks to Peter’s resurrection, we knew that there was something special about Lydia and at times, it seemed like we would never find out what it was. Just this week, we learned that she is a banshee. It explains her strange connection to dying people, but there is clearly more that will be revealed – particularly her significance to Peter’s return.

In addition to learning what Lydia is, it’s been fun watching her embrace the supernatural and work alongside Scott, Allison and Stiles to help save her friends. She’s still immaculately dressed and likes a good make-out session, but it is nice to see her do more than act like the self-centered object of Stiles’ affection who refuses to reciprocate his love.


Isaac’s scarf. It’s amazing.


Honorable mention goes to Tyler Posey, who has had really strong moments this season as Scott. It’s amazing how an hour of television can actually make you look forward to a Monday! What have been your favorite moments this season (so far)? Sound off below!