‘Sherlock’ Season 3: The First Teaser Trailer Has Arrived

The game is afoot once more!

BBC One released the first Sherlock season three teaser and–completely unnecessary spoiler alert–Sherlock is most definitely still among the living. While the teaser only shows our hero in shadows at first as he seems to haunt Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Molly and John, we get a nice look at star Benedict Cumberbatch back in full Sherlock mode at the end. It’s not all good news though; it seems that during his time of bereavement John has grown a truly hideous mustache, a plot development that I think we can all agree simply won’t do.

Fun though the teaser is, the biggest question still remains: how did Sherlock survive his fall? Watch the promo below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Sherlock season three is set to premiere on BBC One first and then it will make its way stateside on PBS in Spring 2014.