True Blue Season 6: Who Should Meet The True Death?


My biggest hope for this season of True Blood was that we would lose some of the superfluous characters and side stories that take up far too much time and have too little payoff. My wish partially came true and we’ve got a decent body count going that includes Terry Bellefleur, three Bellefleur faerie offspring, Luna, Governor Burrell, and Nora. Unfortunately, killing a character on True Blood is like removing a head from a hydra – others just spring up to take their place. The non-existent character void has been filled by Willa, the return of Sarah Newlin, Warlow, Nicole, and Alcide’s pack groupies. It seems like Bon Temps is destined to be an overcrowded hub of marginals.

Maybe the writers just need some encouragement when it comes to cutting folks loose – some assurances that viewers will remain onboard. To lend them some inspiration, let’s play a game of Bon Temps Roulette and decide who should meet the true death.


True Blood Season 6 Episode 3 You're No Good 5

I know this one may be controversial. Deborah Ann Woll is a fantastic actress and has played an important role in the lives of our main characters. But, her character has hit a wall. She’s exhausted the “can I love a human” angle – her relationships with Hoyt and Jason were failures. She’s officially the clingiest vampire on the show with her unwavering devotion to Billith (I hate that moniker, but it’s the most accurate). Her devotion to her maker is so extreme that it makes her seem weak and ripe for the killin’. The big question is: where can Jessica go from here? I don’t have an answer, which means that she tops my list of true death candidates.

Sam Merlotte

True Blood Season 6 Episode 3 You're No Good 1
There are a lot of Charlaine Harris readers who would likely agree with this one. Sam was once a part of the group and interacted with the other mainstays like Sookie, Bill, and Lafayette. Does anyone even remember when there was a love triangle between Sookie, Bill and Sam? Those days are long past. Now, Merlotte’s inexplicably runs itself while its shifter namesake bed hops and plays with wolves. Sam’s stock sank even lower when he hooked up with Nicole with Luna barely cold. At this point in the season, I’m looking back at his storyline thinking, “What was the point of all that?” He spent most of the season chasing after Luna’s daughter, then that came to an abrupt end. So over it. True death.

The Progeny

It probably would have been better if Tara had stayed dead. She no longer interacts with her former BFF, Sookie. Instead, she has a tedious relationship with Pam that has disrupted the relationship between Eric and Pam. Similarly, Willa is an unnecessary addition to team Eric. She’s like a Nora clone without the old world accent. It’s time to get back to basics and reunite Pam and Eric. If Tara has to stick around, let’s at least bring her back into the Sookie/Lafayette fold. But, let’s just true death Willa by the end of the season. It will give Eric another reason to cry blood, and her loss combined with Nora’s might bring him back to his bad ass self.

The Pack

True Blood Season 6  (17)
Alcide’s wolf pack is getting on my last nerve. I find it incredibly hard to believe that he would enjoy being king of the WT. Remember when Alcide had a nice house, job, and did more than grunt? I completely understand the desire to keep Alcide around. He’s man candy. But, if he stays, the pack needs to go. They’re a marginal step above the werepanther meth camp, and their story has played out. What are they adding to the show?…. Exactly. Time for them to take a swim at Camp True Death’s puppy lake.


True Blood Season 6 Episode 2 The Sun 5
I’m putting Warlow at the bottom of the list, because I’m not 100% in support of his demise. While his story is convoluted, and I still don’t know what the point was of pirate Warlow, he gives a needed break from the Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle. Don’t get me wrong – I still want Sookie back in the arms of the Nordic undead, but it is nice to mix things up. If he’s going to stick around, I want him to stop being Billith’s bitch. How are we supposed to think of Warlow as menacing when Sookie is able to tie him up and have her way with him, and Billith is able to tractor beam him at the drop of a hat? If he’s going to just be Sookie lovin’ obsessed, I say true death him. If he’s going to get some more character development, let’s give him a shot at next season.

There are rumors swirling that there will be a major death this season – Eric. I have to put it out there that if that happens, I’m out. I support thinning the herd, but let’s not get crazy.

What about you? Who do you think should meet the True Death on True Blood season 6? Comment below and share your opinion.

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