Franklin & Bash Season 3 Review “Out of the Blue” – Can the Boys Save the Day?

Franklin and Bash (5)

In this episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Out of the Blue,” Damien is on trial for murder and though the boys want to help, they may not be allowed. Can they save the day in the end?

I know that Jared and Peter had a case this week that involved a meteorite, but other than the scene where they used the pitching machine and Jared went flying through the air to catch a baseball in a courtroom – I almost didn’t pay attention to it. I was much too busy watching and worrying about Damien’s murder trial.

I’m trying to think about how that whole story would’ve gone if Rachel wasn’t at the firm. Let’s see, Stanton would’ve probably have wanted to work on the case himself so that he could make sure his nephew was protected. But he also probably would’ve brought in Jared and Peter, especially if things started not going his way in the courtroom. Stanton hired the boys because of their wacky (but effective) courtroom antics. Rachel, on the other hand, seems bound and determined to teach them to be responsible grownups. Boring! If I wanted to see a couple of responsible, mature attorneys tackling serious cases I’d watch re-runs of The Good Wife (a show I love, by the way). But I like Jared and Peter just the way they are and the fact that she kept trying to keep them away from Damien’s case irked me to no end.

In the end, the boys of course were able to help Damien – with some genius acting on Stanton’s part. I loved that it gave them all a chance to be a little friendly when Damien thanked the boys for their help. Of course that didn’t stop them from taking a few verbal shots at him in the beginning, or from taking a few physical shots (with fruit and a pitching machine, no less) in the end. But that’s just Jared and Peter and I wouldn’t want them any other way.

My favorite bits..

“Why should I give it to you?”
“Because we saw Armageddon opening night.”

Poor Damien in jail.

Stanton telling Damien to say goodbye to his “cellies.”

“This whole thing is a nightmare.”
“We specialize in nightmares.”

The boys offering their help, but not being able to resist ribbing him, too. That’s our boys.

“Warm-up frame.”
“That’s your tenth.”

The boys bowling in unison. Awesome.

“That is very un-Dude of you.”

The boys wearing their bowling shoes back to the office.

Stanton and Rachel want Damien to take a deal? Oh come on! Call in Jared and Peter! (I love that Jared said the same thing I just did, just a few seconds later.)

Peter’s reaction when Jared pointed out that his “signal” comment might be offensive.

“You ready to saddle up and ride, Tonto?”
“Why do I got to be Tonto?”
“Because I’ve got the hat.”

The boys ambushing Hughes during a dominoes game. Yeah!

“We don’t plead.”

“How’s that a win-win?”
“It’s a win-win for us.”

Jared asking Carmen to tell him about the comet using the least amount of nerd possible.

“It’s going to make for a very awkward Thanksgiving.”
“We haven’t spent thanksgiving together since I was 13.”

“I hope you boys know what you’re doing here.”
“No more than usual.”

Jared pointing out that Peter wore diapers till he was 14, and Peter stating it was by choice. Okay, I’m going to need more information on that.

The judge allowing Damien to fire Stanton.

“You know what I like is the time that Infeld stole his prom date.”
“I never saw that coming.” – The way Damien said that line was hilarious.

Finding out that Stanton’s reactions on the stand was all an act.

The baseball demonstration in the courtroom. Nice catch Jared!

Finding out that Peter’s spirit animal was a Minotaur.

“Why don’t you just take it back?”
“Because then we wouldn’t have a pitching machine.” – You just can’t argue with logic like that.

The boys welcoming Damien back by nearly killing him with the pitching machine.

Jared yelling at Damien that it was okay to come out because they had run out of fruit.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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